Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Awe & the Aero plane

We successfully dragged Awe, friend of ours, to tell his story and experienced in front of children on my son Preschool. He is a pilot, for Indonesia Air Force, which specialized in Cargo Aircraft such as the Hercules. More a decade of experienced surely not enough for him to conquering his nervous, facing his today’s audience. I know myself, that children can asking anything –literally anything- that pop up on their mind.

I was thinking at first, aero plane is such a male – or boy- world. At least, boys play it. Today, I became a witness of many aero plane’s enthusiastic girls. And flood of question; as I expected.

The best part was when Awe told the children, that his Hercules can carry an army-tank, cars or even helicopter. I can see these children jaw dropping –even the teachers too- , tried to imagine the aero plane looks alike. And another hundred question pop-ups about this matter.

It is a shame; Awe can’t bring some of Hercules miniature or poster along. My son brought some of his aero planes collection which unfortunately it’s commercial aero plane. At least there are some to show.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Cupcakes for my son Birthday Party

I am a proud mom. Especially when it's come to my son. He always encouraging me to do something for him. Even for only small tiny thing, he makes me feel that I did the best job in the world.
So, when he was turned 5 last Monday, he asked me to make my own cupcakes for his birthday party on his school. With big help from my mother in law, spreading the vanilla icing on about 70 pieces of cupcakes, mission was completed. And the cupcakes was "sold out" on the party.
And I want to share my joy of cupcakes. Find out the recipes here :
and try yourself.
Happy cooking !


Basic Cupcake Recipe

375g butter

1 1/2 cups caster (superfine) sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

6 eggs

3 cups plain (all purpose) fluor

1 tablespoon baking powder

Preheat the oven to 160 C (320F). Place the butter, sugar and vanilla in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat until light and creamy. Add the eggs, two at a time, beating well. Sift the fluor and baking powder over the butter mixture and mix until combined. Line two 12 hole 1/2 cup (4 fl oz) capacity muffin tins with patty cases. Spoon in the mixture until 3/4 full and bake for 35 minutes or until cooked when tested with a skewer. Cool in the tins.

Makes 24

Basic Vanilla Icing

250gr (8 3/4 oz) butter, softened

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 cup icing (confectioner's ) sugar

Place the butter, vanilla and sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer. Beat for 8-10 minutes or until light and creamy.

For colour variation, add a few drops of either blue, green or pink food colouring to the basic vanilla icing while beating , to obtain the desired colour.

Note :

I prefer basic vanilla icing (white) on the top of the cupcakes. Placed brightly coloured lollypop flowers, marshmallow or candies as desired. Use your imagination to get the perfect result.

I was using M&M chocolate candy and licorice to dressed my son birthday cupcakes, as photo above.

(Recipes courtesy of Donna Hay)

Monday, October 22, 2007

I wish my photo display here

This is one of many reason I love Sydney: Art and About

Every year, this event held around October for about 20 days. The most exciting thing for me is the photo competition. It’s called Sydney Life ( I am amateur, but it doesn’t stop me to send my photo to the competition. As long as we can get the best shoot on Sydney Life -it’s people, it’s culture, it’s environment- doesn’t really matter if we a pro or amateur. 20 selected photo will be print as big as queen size bed sheet (it is true, real big print) and hang on the Hyde Park Walk, the main park in the heart of Sydney ( I always called Hyde Park “Alun-alun” as alun-alun in Solo or Jogjakarta).

This year is my third shoot. Still doesn’t goes through. My photo doesn’t good enough to display, put me on tears when I got the confirmation letter from City of Sydney; notice that my photo was failed. I was disappointed because this year will be my last chance for me to submit. I don’t care about the prize-money; just see the photo being display in Hyde Park is priceless.

This year winner, not the photo I choose to win though. The juror had different eyes definitely. For me, this photo (below) was absolute winner. Very touching.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I found a nice surprise on my post box this morning: a greeting card from Indonesia. From my mom uncle. It’s Ied Mubarak Card. Kartu Lebaran. This is the first card I have received this year. And maybe the only one.

This card flies me back to my childhood memories. My very first memory about Ied card it’s when my mom brought me to Kantor Pos Besar aka General Post Office to bought some cards. I was 7 years old. At that time, not many dept store or bookshop around, so GPO veranda was full of cards seller.

When I was on year 5, I asked my mom if I can help her to make our own greeting card. My mom gave me opportunity to do so, and its boost my confidence of my art skill. It keeps going until I was on the High School and College. Every year, I come up with new idea about the card. And the list of recipients growing bigger and bigger. There was some time that I sacrificed my bed time after sahur, just to finish the cards. Cost me my pocket money, for all of the papers, envelopes and stamps. But you can’t buy the pleasure feeling. I always had mixed feeling, exhausted, happy, joy, after my project complete.

My ‘best performance’ was when I’m on year 11 –High School- with 230cards in total. All of my money gone for stamps. So, the following year, I decided to handed-out my cards to my classmate, in order to save the stamps. Some friends weren’t happy, because they loved to get the card by post instead.

I did design all of the cards myself. One design goes wrong when I tried to use plastic as an envelope, and this card beautifully see-through. Post Office wasn’t happy, though. They can’t stamp it, because this silly plastic just ruined the ink. So, I got an ‘invitation’ letter from Post Office, saying that I had to come and replace all of the plastic cover with normal envelope, or they won’t send it. I was disappointed at that time. What is the point, covering this beautiful design with envelope? I did not intend to use the envelope at the first place anyway. But I had no choice. Rather than send all of the cards my self all around the City and even all around the State, I placed the card into envelope. And re-address. And re-send.

Since technology overtaking human life, and E-mail or Short Message Service is easy option to greet, I never received any cards. I felt lost. I still made some cards, send it to family and closets friend. But I can’t help myself not to reply all of greeting through SMS and E-mail. I tried to be polite. Even when I feel I lost the human touch.

This year, weeks ago, when I was still thinking about either yes or not to make my own cards as before (I have to admitted, bit hard for me to sneak quietly on my desk doing some cards when there are 2 kids need 100% attention) I got an e-mail from old friend from High School. She asked me if she still on the recipients list –which she hope so- and she asked a sneak preview of my newest design. She mentions about his first card from me, about 20 years ago, and she still keeps all of the cards that I send to her in 20 years. Yes, 20 years, 20 Eid, 20 different designs of handmade greeting cards. It surprised me. I never though that it’s been 20 years I made my own card.

Her e-mail put me back on the track. I suddenly felt of adrenalin rush and paint new design on my mind.

It’s felt different when I open the card from my mom’s uncle. I’m feeling the connection. I felt the joy that I’ve loosing it. I felt touched.

Happy Eid Mubarak. Send me card next Ied. Please…

Monday, October 15, 2007


I had to re-open my cookies factory on last Friday, the very last day of Ramadan. It’s all because my son ate all the cookies reserved for Ied, and he wanted more and more cookies. He seems to love these cookies from my aunt recipe.

And what you wouldn’t do for your kids?

I decided not to made nastar for the second round. Too hard. Consuming time. I just made some cookies with jam on the top, which is simple and easier, and dozen of Teddy Bear cookies with M&M chocolate as their belly button.

It took me shorter than before. 3 hours in total. But something always happened when you least expect it.

I started baking my first batch, teddy bear cookies. Recipe said, only need approximately 8 minutes to bake it. I don’t want to bake it wrong, so I programmed the oven on 5 minutes. 5 minutes roll, when I checked, the teddies look halfway done. So I turned on my oven for another 5 minutes (my oven can’t be program under 5 minutes). I was thinking, I just waiting on the kitchen with timer on my hand. When I closed oven door, my phone rang. It’s a friend who wants to let me know that they will come to our place on following day to greet us for the Ied. And we fall into conversation about other friend that just had a baby. I completely forgot about my teddies & the time.

I realized something went wrong when I smell some burning aroma. Just in time for my oven’s alarm to scream.

Hurried up hanging the phone didn’t help. My lovely teddies were burned. All black. Oh-My-God!

With no more dough to turn into another dozen (or even two) teddies, I can imagine my son’s disappointing face. I told him before about these teddies.

When he back from Friday Praying, I told him about the cookies. The ‘accident’. “May I have a look?” asked him. “That’s ok, mom. You doing great job. I will eat it when I break my fasting this afternoon.”

He kept his promised. He did eat my black burnt teddies. Not one, not two, but four, and spare the rest for the following day.

I pinched one of teddies from him, and surprisingly, it doesn’t taste bad at all. Bit burnt, yes. Not good looking teddies, yes. Eatable, yes indeed J

(I apologize I can’t place the picture of burnt teddies here. For the sake of embarrassing moment J . If you curious about it just leave a comment, I’ll e-mail it to you)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Latte, no sugar

I rarely drinking coffee since Ramadan started- and now almost come to the end-. I still not fasting this year, but since my son learned to fasting this time, accompany by my husband, I decided to do my own fasting. Means, no breakfast before he goes to school. And I am used to coffee that my husband made. He is a genius home barista. He made very good latté. For now, I don’t want to bother him to make me one. It’s unfair for him. I should try to do my own coffee, learn how to deal with my espresso machine. But I am such a lazy coffee drinker. So, that is it. No breakfast, no coffee in the morning.

And yesterday, I can’t cope anymore. I need caffeine. I started my morning with heavy head, half dizzy half headache. After I dropped my son to school, I lure myself to the best coffee shop around our place. One block from my house. Smelling the coffee gave me real good feeling. And one latte, no sugar.

I sat outside the café, waiting for my coffee. I can’t remember how long ago I am doing this. Sit on the café, waiting for the coffee, had today’s paper, enjoy the ambience around. Must’ve been long time. And I felt I kind of miss it.

There are 2 ladies walked toward me. Waving their hand. I tried to picture who they are. And became clear when they closer. They worked at the Post Office. And I am a regular. I love to go to Post Office. Sometimes just to get little thing, and chat with them. Or show my daughter to them. And have a good laugh. And gossip, sometimes.

My latte comes perfect. My husband did it better. But this is not perfect time to complaint. I just need the caffeine to kick my headache out. Flush my dizzy away.

I still had half cup when a gentleman smiled at me. It took me 10seconds to recognize him. He is the owner of local DVD rental. And we fall into conversation about the weather, the business until he excuse himself and disappear inside the coffee shop.

Another minute. I engaged myself with newspaper until my coffee finished. I just about to off when I saw the lady from local alteration. I waived, she replied. And we had 5 minutes chatting about the kids. She just opened a new shop. And invited me to stop by anytime. I knew this lady since we moved to our house. She lived just around the corner. For me, she my emergency goddess. I never found pants or jeans with perfect length. With only 155cm height, every pant on the market is out of my league. I always came to her to do cutting on my pants. Or sometimes just sew-up some buttons from my son or my husband t-shirt (sometimes I just don’t have time to sew it, so please don’t give me that look. I know what you’re thinking).

When I walked home, I start to think about my neighborhood. It’s nice to know some of them. Walking around is always a pleasure. I can’t recall the same feeling when I lived in Jakarta. Busy neighborhood. Never get to know them. I am not lucky enough to live in a residence complex and got chance to know my next door neighbor.

I surely will miss this pleasure feeling when I have to back to Jakarta. I just wish I can get a place where this old saying will come true: Love your neighbor. They are your closest family.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ganti Musim, Ganti Baju, Menadah Limpahan Baju

Setiap pergantian musim disini, saya punya satu pekerjaan tambahan. Mengeluarkan baju-baju dari lemari, memasukkan ke dalam box dan mengisi lemari dengan baju yang akan dipakai musim berikutnya. Nampaknya sepele, tapi terkadang memakan waktu lebih dari satu hari.
Seperti saat ini, Sydney mulai masuk ke musim semi. Saatnya untuk bongkar-bongkar baju-baju yang lebih tipis untuk musim semi dan musim panas. Saatnya pula untuk menyimpan baju-baju tebal sisa musim gugur dan musim dingin. Ibu saya pernah bertanya, kenapa kok repot-repot amat, hampir tiap enam bulan bongkar-bongkar lemari. Pertanyaan Ibu terjawab saat beliau berkunjung kemari.Tanpa harus saya jelaskan, beliau melihat sendiri, apartemen kami yang sangat mungil -kalau di Indonesia setara dengan rumah tipe 21- hanya mampu memuat satu buah lemari ukuran sedang di setiap kamar, yang harus dibagi untuk kami berempat. Garasi membantu memecahkan masalah. Baju yang sementara tidak dipakai kami masukkan dalam box, lalu disimpan di garasi.
Acara bongkar membongkar menjadi lebih panjang, karena saya manfaatkan sekaligus untuk menyortir baju-baju yang tidak terpakai. Dipakai hampir setiap hari selama enam bulan, membuat sweater baru langsung terlihat tua dan uzur.Dan sudah saatnya di-alokasikan ke tempat lain. Di sini, ada dua yayasan besar yang menampung pakaian-pakaian bekas yang sudah tidak kita pakai namun masih layak pakai. Daripada dibuang begitu saja, seringkali kami kirimkan ke yayasan tersebut, untuk di-daur ulang, dijual lagi di toko mereka, dengan harga sangat minimal.Terkadang juga saya simpan baju-baju tidak terpakai tersebut, untuk dikirim ke Indonesia saat ada kesempatan. Ada si mbak dan suaminya yang menjaga Nenek yang selalu gembira menjadi penampung baju-baju kiriman. Sayangnya, baju musim dingin biasanya tidak bisa kami kirim, nggak sesuailah dengan cuaca Indonesia yang panas. Yang ada, yang dikirimi malah mandi keringat pakai baju musim dingin.
Namun untuk baju anak-anak, kami sudah punya penadah tetap. Ada teman yang punya anak berumur lebih muda dari anak kami yang siap menampung segala limpahan baju anak-anak yang sudah sempit. Daripada beli baju baru, begitu katanya. Selama kondisi masih bagus, tidak jadi masalah. Dan kami pun jadi 'penadah' baju anak dari teman yang lain yang anaknya lebih tua dari anak kami. Win-win solution. Tidak ada yang terbuang percuma.
Hal lain yang membuat saya semangat saat pergantian musim, adalah berburu diskon baju baru. Saat ini, baju dari musim dingin kemarin, sudah didiskon habis-habisan sampai hampir 75%. Kalau pandai memilih baju yang berpotongan biasa, yang tidak terlalu mengikuti trend, maka bisa diperoleh baju untuk winter tahun depan, yang bisa disimpan dulu sampai saatnya tiba.Terutama baju anak-anak, kadang saya serasa 'kalap' melihat stok baju winter yang dibanting super murah tersebut. Anak-anak kan nggak terlalu mengikuti trend seperti dewasa, nggak ada masalah baju tahun ini dipakai tahun depan. Kalau beli 1 ukuran lebih besar, tahun depannya biasanya baju tersebut sudah pas.
Hidup di negeri orang ternyata memaksa saya untuk lebih rajin, hemat, dan kreatif.
(Dimuat di Harian Surya-Surabaya, Rabu 10 Okt 2007)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Chicken Dumplings

(Makes about 25)
300gr chicken mince
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp oyester sauce
1/2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp finely chopped ginger
1/2 cup water chestnut, chopped (I use canned water chestnut)
2 spring onions, finely sliced
25 fresh white round wonton wrappers
2 tbsp vegetable oil, for frying

Combine chiken mince, soy, oyster, sesame oil, ginger, water chestnut, mushroom and onion in a bowl. Mix until well combined.

Lay 5 wrappers on a clean bench, wet around the edge with water (use your fingertip).

Put about 3 teaspoons of mince filling in the centre of each wrapper. Flod over to encase filling, and overlap edges in little pleats. Gently flatten base slightly so dumplings can stand up. Repeat the process until all wrappers being use.

Heat a non-stick frypan, add a little oil. Fry dumpling in batches for about 1 minute or until based of dumplings is cooked and crisp. Add 1 cup hot water, cover and cook for 5-6 minutes or until water has evaporated and dumplings are tender.

Remove and keep warm.

(Modified from Karen Martini's Dumplings Recipe on Better Home & Garden)

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I turned my kitchen into cookies factory. With Ramadan will end in a week, I don’t want to miss celebrating Ied without a jar of ‘Nastar’ on my dining table.

It always easier to buy rather than made it yourself. Couple of Indonesia groceries around my place started to display homemade cookies –Indonesia traditional cookies such Nastar, Kastengels or Lidah Kucing- on their shelf. Not really expensive though, around $6 for 150grams packaging. But the joy of cooking that preserves me to buy.

This year, I decided to buy all Indonesia ingredients. From flour –Segitiga Biru- to butter –Blue Band- so we can taste real Indonesian cookies. Not Indonesian cookies with Aussie taste. Like last year or the year before. Kind of expensive when I unload all my groceries on the check-out counter, compared with Aussie ingredients I used to. But nothing can deter me from make the real Indonesian cookies. I paid about AUD$20 for 1kg of flour, 1kg of BlueBand and 500gr of sugar. The only problem is finding pineapple jam for Nastar filling. People here ate jams but pineapple. And I don’t want to make myself. Too much. I can easily find a pineapple, but the idea to peeling it skin, chopping and processing just make me loosing my appetite for baking. At the end, I found a stall on the farmers market that sell homemade Pineapple Jam. When I opened the jar, the pineapple not kind of mixture with smooth consistency, like the regular pineapple jam found in Indonesia.

Took me 4 hours to do it. From mixed all ingredients and baking it. I found salvage from my baby food grinder to smoother the pineapple jam, become smooth mixture that I am after. After 4 hours plus another hour to clean up my kitchen ( I started around 7pm and finished at midnight, what a day…), it left me with 2 big jars of cookies, one jar of Nastar and another jar of –I don’t know what I should calling it, I just created something out of my imagination- Fingers Jams cookies.

And my back killing me. But there is payback time, when I saw my son enjoy the cookies, since the first batch came out from oven. My husband can’t stop nibbling it. My mission done.

Friday, October 5, 2007

50 Roses

"You want me to bring you something?"

That's the question my husband always asked me, if he going somewhere without me. Like today. He went to city with my son after Friday praying. Want to get mini-aeroplane for my son. And I have nothing on my mind. "Just buy me a flower." I replied. I knew there is a tiny florist on the corner of Pitt and Market St. They had lovely flowers, and not so expensive too.

And he came home with roses. Not a bunch, but five. 50 stems of roses. Red and beautiful. I didn't expect he will buy me that much.

He's not a romantic. Not sort of candle-light-dinner type of man. But the roses that he brought home put me on tears. That's him. Always give me more than I expected. And this afternoon, it' s a lovely surprise.

Thank you, hon.

Hungarian Donuts

I went to farmers market yesterday. I love this market (unfortunately, I don't have time to write about it now; I will do it later on...). And I found this interesting food: Hungarian Donuts. It's kind of pastry rolled into approximately 50cm length stick which baked on glasses-rectangle shape oven -I should've take a pic of it...:( - and formed a very nice long donuts. Not like a common donuts we used to see. It's more like tunnel. And dipped on sugar-flavored vanilla, chocolate or cinnamon.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flies & Dress

I love spring. Warm and beautiful day. Not summer. Summer is to hot for me. Now, spring has come. September used to starts to warm. Bye-bye winter. But not this year. It just started to warm 2 days ago. Not really warm though, from chill & windy day carried over from winter, mercury jumped straight to 36 degrees yesterday. Damn hot. Feels like summer. It’s all because bushfire.

The most annoying thing for me on spring –and summer- is the flies. Can’t really free from the flies. These flies love humans. In Indonesia, flies are different. They only come close to food. Or rubbish. Here, they seem hated food, only after human. Not a strange view if you saw people walking with their hand busy waving in front of their face. They called it: Australia Salute. The more you go inland –to the bush- , the drier the place, the more the flies. There is such thing called anti-flies lotion. Kind of anti-mosquito thing in Indonesia (remember Autan?). I just don’t like to spread them onto my skin. I don’t like the smell of it.

For my friend, this spring is different story. Especially for my male friend. Flies don’t bother them. The way girls dressed that worries them. With this warm sunny day, seem every single girls – or women in every age- they met, dressed with tank tops, mini skirts, and short pants. And these days, still Ramadan. Fasting month for Moslem. They said, it’s not that hard to keep their appetite for food or craving for ice tea lying down. But sometimes it is hard to keep their eyes shut when there are girls with mini-skimpy-sexy dresses around. Hoo-ha…isn’t that one of the purpose of fasting in Ramadan? Control yourself, including from these entire mini-skimpy-sexy-dresses thing? They agreed me, but hard still.

Welcome to spring 2007, mate :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tooth Implant

(Disclaimer : This article contains procedures on Dental works that might be upsetting. Feel free to skip it if isn't convinience to read.Thank you)
It was happening on Tuesday. Yesterday.

I am schedule for dental surgery on 10.30am. I’ve been prepared everything the night before. Checking my son’s school bag so I won’t get headache in the morning. Checking every single thing for my daughter meal. Brekkie, lunch and all the tools. My husband will take over all of meal time task for our baby girl, I don’t want to bother him with simple thing like couldn’t find the spoon or the bib when the baby screaming hungrily.

So, everything set. Perfectly. I just have to drop my son to pre-school and walked to the dentist. His pre-school and dentist place both at the Uni, so won’t be a big deal.
That was the plans.

Thing always happen on the last minutes. Even when I think I did enough preparation. This is what happened:

8.30 : Wake Up ( I couldn’t sleep last night, only catch 2 hours slept, woke up for sahur, tried to
back to sleep, fall asleep on 6am)

9.10 : Called the dentist office. Make a confirmation. And make sure I can pay with my personal
cheque. Everything fine.

9.15 : Made myself a bowl of porridge for brekkie (sorry, I am not fasting. I am breastfeeding)

9.30 : Dentist assistant rang. Ask me to bring OPG to the Dentist.

9.35 : OPG?
(Tried to think, what kind of X-Ray it is. And where I kept it)

9.40 : Pulled every-single-document from dentist on my dental folder. Nothing. Not even sight of X-Ray result.

9.45 : Frantically rang dentist office. Tried to explain that I did not have it, and pretty sure they keep it for me.
They insisted I took it home on my last visit.

9.50 : Dentist assistant rang me again. Asking me to do OPG (I even don’t know what OPG stands for) before coming in. She’ll fax the reference letter straight to Sydney X-Ray.

10.00 : Dragged my son out of home. Tried to get a taxi. Thanks God. Alhamdulillah, got taxi easily.

10.00 – 10.15 : Dropped my son on his pre-school, just to get another thing pop out. My son computer lesson move from Monday morning –which was Public Holiday- to Tuesday morning. I didn’t know about this. So, my son was late, and they waiting for my son for the lesson (what a good mum I am)

10.18 : Arrived at Sydney X-Ray. 5 people before me on queue

10.20 : Dentist office rang. I’m not even move one step to registration desk.

10.30 : Registration desk.
Tried to explain to staff about reference letter been faxed. She looked unhappy, because I gave her more things to do: finding the letter. She found it in 2mins. Started begging her to give me priority, so I won’t late for the surgery (I already late anyway…)

10.35 : X-Ray
(2 minutes waiting to be called. That was very quick!)

10.50 : X-Ray result on my hand. Rang dentist office, told them I’m on my way.

10.50 – 11.05 : RUN
(Half running – half walking from Sydney X-Ray to Dentist Place. Not to bad,
15mins for about 1 kilometer)

11.10 : Sat down on dentist chair –finally-. I still tried to catch my breath (since I never run or jog in the last 5 years) when they start to numbing my whole left side of my mouth.

I’ve been to dentist since 4 years old. Or maybe before. I am a regular. So, dentist chair or the lights and sound of the driller never intimidated me. Until yesterday. It was different. They doing my teeth implant, and this is the first step. My dentist had to put the screw inside my jawbone. Two screws in one go. Why? Because I asked him to do so. For the sake of money, one go is cheaper –not to mention about saving time, don’t have to go back and forth-

It was unpleasant to felt the big driller made a hole on the jawbone. I felt my body bit shaking. I had such a small jawbone so they had to do it carefully. It’s like there a helicopter flying inside my mouth. Noisy and shaking. After that, the put the screw on, and hammering the screw into the bone (please, do not try to imagine it). Doesn’t hurt me, I am numb. Just the feeling that the hammer constantly bounce into my jawbone, I am scarily feeling that all of my perfect normal teeth will be broken because of it.

I felt I’ve been sitting on dentist chair for years when it finished. It only took one hour. He said everything fine and running perfectly. I just have to come back in one week to do checking. And back again in 4-6 month to put the crowns on top of it. Still long way to go.

Since I still have one more tooth to put an implant, I have to prepare myself to deal with driller and hammer. I just want to have all my teeth back. I don’t want to do all of this back home in Indonesia. Not because I don’t trust Indonesian Dentist. Purely about insurance. I can get –not much though- my insurance to pay this expense. Dental-things are so expensive.

Wait until next week, and I’ll share the story.
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