Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Almost 11 pm…my mobile phone just beeping. A text message came from my friend. I opened it…

“You know what”…hmmm I smell gossip every time someone said this…”the Office-Boy in my office wants to buy Blackberry”. That was the sms.

I replied quickly “So what? Why bother? Anyway, it’s almost 11pm.”

It beeps again, just before I put my mobile back on my side. Gosh, this girl has an amazing speed when it comes to texting.

“It’s weird, you know. I don’t even own one. Everybody talked about it. An Office Boy with BB on his hand”

“It’s his money, right? Let him buy. Can’t understand why it become big problem”

“Did you sleep? It’s not a big problem, it’s huge! My boss wasn’t happy too about it”

“Can’t we talk tomorrow?” I turned my mobile off with conscience.

Instead of sleeping, I can’t close my eyes. Kept thinking about the short conversation I had with my girlfriend. If I had an employee own Blackberry, do I care? Will I feel it bit too much for my employee while I don’t own one?

(For the record, I don’t have BB, and I am ok –at least for now- with my old mobile phone. At the end, I just need my mobile for basic things like make a phone call or texting, never surfing on the internet –I found reading a book is more interesting than surfing the net using my mobile phone- nor taking pictures with it. So why own BB? I still can control my business without it, and I don’t feel embarrassed by appearance of my old mobile phone)

I tried to put the big picture on my head. If your boss doesn’t own one, so you can’t. Full stop. No reason. Or is there any reason? Your boss will feel embarrassed if you own something more than him/her, especially when you on the bottom of the pyramid; on a position that you have to serve your boss more than your parents. Even you had enough money, it’s still forbidden. Push your luck, everyone will talking about your move –on your face and behind your back- and resigned letter just merely about time to land on your hand.

Oh, what I life. I play with my imagination now, my girlfriend’s Office Boy making a secret phone call from his corner –looks like a pantry- with his new BB. Good on you, mate.

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