Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I was wandering on my local DVD rental, don't know what to rent when I came on TV-Series isle and found this TV-Series: Nip/Tuck. And one very particular name just popped out on my brain: Mrs.D - my work colleague.

There are no people in the world that really addicted to it, nip/tuck but her. And Victoria Beckham.And Sharon Stone. And Demi Moore. And another couple of thousand women. But they seem so distance, so unreal because they are living in different planet named Hollywood. If it's not Hollywood, at least not next door too. When it comes to Mrs.D, she is real. I knew her, I mean I really knew her (I also knew Victoria Beckham but only from the mags) for ages (ok...not ages...two and half years). Of course she won't admit it. Openly at least. But share no secret with all of us, the girls from work.

And it's always something new every now and then. Every 4 months or even less. So when se took her holiday leave, we always wondering what will be next. She left no clue when she leaving, then she came back and made us guessing what been done (or which part of her body).
Last time before I took my maternity leave, she told me, she promise herself not to overdoing it (from our point of view, she had too much. And we tried to tell her not to ruin her body by overdoing it. And our point being taken) Last job she's been doing is bit lips tattoo (she colors her lips pale pink, way to save money for lipstick) and fat injection to her cheek. Sorry ??? Did I hear you saying something? You're heard it right, fat injection. Means, some fat from her body (don't ask me which part of her body) being injected to her cheek. So her cheek looks fuller and she felt younger. So, when I unofficially back to works 2 weeks ago, one of the girls told me that she is away for another nip/tuck. There are hush-hush in the air about another fat injection, but the truth is we never know until she back and show up cheerily with her short red hair, full make up and biggest grin you ever see. And I haven't heard anything - yet. Means she still on 'holiday'. Really can't wait to see her.

And she is 52 try to look alike 32.

Monday, July 30, 2007


As long as I can remember, I never did Yoga in my life. Not now, not before when I was in school. I still remember, we did sort of exercised on primary school (you might rememberSKJ -Senam Kesegaran Jasmani- with new version every single year) or just army-style exercised on High School with one-two-three command from your friend (ketua kelas, must remember that).
So, it really surprised me when Rama home from school (sorry, I mean preschool-slash-daycare) and said: we did yoga before nap time. And will do everyday, from now on.
Yoga? That's interesting. World really change.
The following day, when I dropped Rama off, I asked his teacher. Mrs.M enthusiastically explained, simple yoga for little people (simple, because only 4 easy pose, and she said, it's very easy to follow), made them easy to rest and feel fresher when wake up in the afternoon. And must be good for teachers. If they fresher, must be easier to organize...hmmm...)
That afternoon, I asked Rama to show me how to do the position. Snake pose, Tiger pose, Star pose and Warrior pose (not so sure though, Rama bit doubt when I ask to spell it, he said warria instead). Look very simple, hard to follow.If Rama does yoga, I just thinking for doing it myself. Seems fun, and soooo many people said, yoga bring good influence,balance your life and soul, make you feel happier (I though only money can make your life happy, and of course if there are things that money can't buy, there is Marstercard), your body will feel better, etc. You name it, yoga got it.Or at least close to it.So, should I enroll to one of the centre that has yoga class -and of course class that allowed bubba attached with mommy during the session-. I have to admit that I am not very good at something that needs continuously action. Or maybe the best thing to do is just come to Rama school everyday and do free yoga with the kids.
Yoga anyone?

Thursday, July 19, 2007


You can call it cold, flu or whatever you likes, just doesn't make me feel better. Because it's that causes all of the problems.

Do I sound desperate? Kind of. I always optimistic about everything and today it's all seems disappear. Thanks to the weather. Not even minus yet, but enough to make me suffer.

It's all started about 3 weeks ago. First, my husband. He's been on bed for one week, and had to get antibiotic shot on 2nd week. He'd been better since. And early this week, when he almost recovers, my son got it. Cough, running nose, headache. And it's bounced again to him. Poor thing. And 2 days ago, strike on me.
And the most annoyed thing happen. I have to (or I felt I have to ???)-No choice- takes care of everybody while my own body doesn't even cope. Can't think, got headache, have to think about food, the baby just screaming...God knows what on my mind.

Suddenly I missed all the good times. Indonesia. So many people around, families, friends, always there with extra hand. You don't have to off from bed, breakfast is coming. It is always somebody can help you out. It was luxury. Yes, it was.

So, back to the reality show that happens in the present time.
Dealing with 2-tonnes of laundry while you have to hold onto something (ex: washing machine or dryer, in case you fall over in laundry room)
Dealing with 2-himalaya's miniature of dishes needs to be done.
Dealing with 4 (almost 5, like he always said) years old boy with non-stop-coughing-always-forgot-the hankie.
And dealing with myself to keep sane.
No complaints, just bit out of control (unfortunately)

The bottom line is : keep healthy. And it will make you live longer.

Salute to all women who successfully managed everything for her family, no matter happen.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Kenapa mau nelpon konsulat negeri sendiri saja, susahnya minta ampun ya... ?Kan kerja di konsulat berarti siap jadi abdi masyarakat...lha kok ditelpon aja susahnya minta ampun...padahal pegawai konsulat kan dibayar pake APBN, APBN salah satu pemasukannya dari pajak...aku kan mbayar pajak di Indo..lha kok susah amat nyari staff konjen...
Hari ini kali ketiga, berusaha nelpon ke konsulat untuk buat paspor Ramya. Minggu lalu, nelpon konsulat, wrong time. Jam istirahat. Sudah lama nggak kebiasa dengan kantor pelayanan publik yang pakai jam istirahat, kaget-kaget juga waktu dengerin answering machine konsulat, yang mengatakan jam istirahat adalah 12-2.15pm. Alamak....nggak kurang lama tuh ??? Kayaknya di Indo saja jam istirahat paling cuma 1 jam...
Oke, 2nd time, setelah dengarkan berbagai pilihan di answering machine, plus syarat pembuatan paspor dari mbak mesin, ada yang nggak jelas di syarat yang dijelaskan. Bawa foto, gitu katanya. Oke, foto. Tapi ukuran berapa dong ? Normal 4R ? 3x4? 2x3? Selanjutnya...mbak mesin bilang, jika kurang jelas, silahkan hubungi operator...malangnya, dari menu si mbak mesin ini, nggak bisa langsung pencet no berapa gitu biar bisa langsung ke operator. Oke, ulang lagi, pencet no telpon konsulat dari awal (untung telpon lokal gratis, thanks to Telstra) .Setelah nyambung ke operator, diminta tunggu sebentar (sebentar kok, cuma 5 menit dikasih nada tulit-tulit tanpa lagu ato musik...) trus dibilang, bagian paspor very busy, call again in 10mins. Walah. Nggaklah..
3rd time, 15menit lalu. Kali ini, langsung ke operator. Minta disambungin ke bagian paspor....di-hold,tunggu 5menit pake nada tulat tulit tanpa musik seperti sebelumnya.....setelah 5menit, telpon diangkat...eh, mbak operator lagi, dengan ucapan selamat siang yang sama. Aku bulang, mau ke bagian paspor...oke, kata si mbak..tunggu lagi...another 7mins with the same old song...tulat tulit tulat tulit...diangkat...eit...jangan seneng dulu....(lagi-lagi)si mbak operator dengan salam yang sama...lho??? Aku bilang lagi, mau ke bagian paspor....oke,ditunggu sebentar...kata si mbak operator...another 6mins, same old song, diangkat...walah! Mbak operator dengan salam yang sama ! Ini kantor pasti telponnya (atau pesawatnya? Atau petugasnya) nggak punya sistem untuk tahu apakah kita adalah orang yang baru nelpon, atau orang yang sudah dia hold setahun....Oke...kata si mbak, di hold lagi...lhadalah....mbok ya maaf atau apa gitu lho, bilang kek "mohon ditunggu" atau apalah, jaaan nggak ada basa-basinya...padahal Call Centre Asuransi atau Credit Card yang terkenal brengseknya aja selalu say sorry, maaf melulu kalo nge-hold, ini yang orang Indo katanya orang 'timur' malah bubrah....
Akhirnya setelah 5+7+6 mins waiting in pain...ketemu juga bagian paspor. 2 menit bicara, masalah selesai. Tinggal datang ke konjen dan isi formulir. Sabar...sabar.....Just wait for another story, when I get my chance to apply the passport.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ideologi Bakso

Hidup bertetangga di sydney, terkadang tanpa sengaja bisa melihat sesuatu yang unik, dan nggak pernah terpikir sebelumnya. Tetangga sebelah adalah keluarga muda, dengan 1 anak balita. Si Mbak berasal dari Timor Leste, dan suaminya dari Skotlandia. Perkenalan kita nggak sengaja, karena biasanya kan nggak pernah ada judul kenal tetangga disini, kecuali kalau tetangganya teman dari Indonesia. Karena seringkali pulang dari jalan-jalan, si Mbak –Sarah namanya- sulit buka pintu gerbang sembari gendong anak, maka Zaafri jadinya sering bantu bukain pintu. Lama-lama, kenalan, ngobrol deh kita. Beberapa kali ketemu, tukar nomer telepon, dan 2 hari yang lalu Sarah bertamu ke rumah kita. Tujuan utama, mengundang kita untuk menghadiri acara ulangtahun anaknya ke 1, weekend ini. Dilanjutkan ngobrol sana ngobrol sini, akhirnya keluar cerita, bahwa Sarah dan suaminya ketemu di Timor Leste. Lalu diboyong ke Sydney. Pertama kali tinggal di daerah Glebe, nggak kerasan, karena bahasa Inggrisnya masih terbatas. Nggak sengaja, jalan-jalan, mereka nemu restoran Indonesia di City. Dari restoran itu, nemu majalah Indonesia, yang ada direktori resto Indo seputar Sydney. Sampailah perjalanan mereka ke Kingsford suatu hari - yang karena Kingsford sudah jadi salah satu propinsi Indonesia jadi buanyak banget resto Indo – untuk makan Bakso. Dan akhirnya pindahlah mereka ke Kingsford, dengan alasan, Sarah feels like home. Feels like home? Sulit dipercaya, tapi memang si mbak satu ini merasa lebih enak hidup dilingkungan yang banyak orang Indo, jadi dia nggak punya kesulitan berkomunikasi karena dia fasih berbahasa Indo. Banyak makanan Indo, banyak groceries shop yang jual barang-barang Indo. Asal maklum, Sarah sudah sulit pisah dengan Indomie. Dan juga yang paling penting, gampang cari resto yang jual bakso kuah ! Serius lho, karena Sarah suka banget makan bakso.

From my point of view, kadang Sarah lebih ’Indonesia’ dari kita dan teman-teman Indo disini (nggak semua sih memang). Ngundang ulangtahun anaknya, nggak mau via telpon. Menyempatkan diri datang, dengan alasan, nggak sopan, mau ngundang kok Cuma bicara via telpon. Apalagi rumah kita bersebelahan. Mau mengajak menghadiri pertemuan ibu-ibu Indonesia, nggak mau nelpon (Sarah ikut Mothers Club, kumpulan ibu-ibu Indonesia yg punya anak balita disini). Selalu ketok pintu, dan menyampaikan undangan atau ajakan secara lisan. Ketemu muka. Sementara, dulu saat kita tinggal se-building dengan teman dari Indo, dengan alasan kepraktisan, aku pilih ngangkat telepon kalau mau ngundang teman-teman. Dan waktu kita mau weekend away, kita pamit sama Sarah, dia dengan senang hati keep on eye rumah kita. Jadi serasa bertetangga di Indonesia.

Kesimpulan sementara : Nggak Cuma kita yang seneng makan bakso (dan kangen tukang bakso keliling yang lewat depan rumah). Sarah yang dari negara tetangga juga suka bakso. Bakso bikin kita punya tetangga yang bisa diandalkan, karena gara-gara bakso pula (dan Indomie) Sarah jadi pindah ke Kingsford, dan jadi tetangga kita.
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