Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I was wandering on my local DVD rental, don't know what to rent when I came on TV-Series isle and found this TV-Series: Nip/Tuck. And one very particular name just popped out on my brain: Mrs.D - my work colleague.

There are no people in the world that really addicted to it, nip/tuck but her. And Victoria Beckham.And Sharon Stone. And Demi Moore. And another couple of thousand women. But they seem so distance, so unreal because they are living in different planet named Hollywood. If it's not Hollywood, at least not next door too. When it comes to Mrs.D, she is real. I knew her, I mean I really knew her (I also knew Victoria Beckham but only from the mags) for ages (ok...not ages...two and half years). Of course she won't admit it. Openly at least. But share no secret with all of us, the girls from work.

And it's always something new every now and then. Every 4 months or even less. So when se took her holiday leave, we always wondering what will be next. She left no clue when she leaving, then she came back and made us guessing what been done (or which part of her body).
Last time before I took my maternity leave, she told me, she promise herself not to overdoing it (from our point of view, she had too much. And we tried to tell her not to ruin her body by overdoing it. And our point being taken) Last job she's been doing is bit lips tattoo (she colors her lips pale pink, way to save money for lipstick) and fat injection to her cheek. Sorry ??? Did I hear you saying something? You're heard it right, fat injection. Means, some fat from her body (don't ask me which part of her body) being injected to her cheek. So her cheek looks fuller and she felt younger. So, when I unofficially back to works 2 weeks ago, one of the girls told me that she is away for another nip/tuck. There are hush-hush in the air about another fat injection, but the truth is we never know until she back and show up cheerily with her short red hair, full make up and biggest grin you ever see. And I haven't heard anything - yet. Means she still on 'holiday'. Really can't wait to see her.

And she is 52 try to look alike 32.

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