Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My paper being stolen...again !

5:30 AM.

I heard very familiar sound, today's paper that being throwed by delivery man, and landed in front of the building. The paper rolled with some sort of plastic wrap formed a stick and created funny sound when it catapulted. Since 5:30 AM still quite dark (winter, remember...?) I was thinking to get it in another hour or so, didn't want to sacrifice my time to walk out of the building, and rather snuggle inside my doona.

7:45 AM. Sun definitely out.
Grab the keys, walked out still with my pj's on. And I couldn't see my paper around. Ok, might be the sun just too strong, can't really see without glasses.
Another look, and another...and still nothing. This is not happening. I tried to calm. Walked around the building, and still can't see. It's clean, nothing around. Gone. Missing. Full stop. Somebody apparently earlier and quicker than me, which I am the person who subscribe for Herald and AFR, and pays.

Ok, I am not angry. Take a deep breath, and I am furious!
This is the 2nd time happened this week. It happened on Monday, forced us to buy another copy from News agency because we really hate live without it. Such a nightmare spend the day knowing we don't have the paper (I must admit that I -sometimes- read it late, like yesterday I read paper from 2 days ago , and yesterday paper for today's breakfast).
But the most annoying thing is: why you take something that not yours.

And we came with thousand theories about whom and how they stole the paper.
One of the theory that really convince us (ok, we made the theories and we convinced ourselves to believe it, funny huh?) is someone that regularly walk pass our building, saw the paper with nobody name on it or claim it (since when you get the paper with your name stick to it? can’t remember) and try their luck, pick them and run before get caught. And he/she become real lucky because not only one but TWO paper inside, and AFR is quite expensive. Yesterday no luck, we woke up early, and got it. Today, must've been waiting outside since 5:30 or so, and once it whooosh...gotcha! Mine!

Since we lives in apartments -not a house- it's impossible to have the paper deliver to our door. Or asking the delivery man to squeeze it to our tiny mailbox (which I am sure it will take forever to squeeze so let's forget this option). But the idea that it will be happen again anytime soon (could be tomorrow) if I fail to command my body and walking out to pick the paper as soon as we hear that funny noise. And that is terribly hard, walking out when my mind still can feel the warmth of my doona. And my heater.

Let see tomorrow. Fingers cross.

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