Thursday, May 29, 2008

SEX and the OPRAH

I and Oprah just don’t work.

So, when I loudly shouted to the kids to finish their dinner quickly, because mummy wants to watch Oprah, I can hear the silence. Suddenly all quiet, until my husband mention it. “Oprah?”

“Yep,” I replied, nodding without take my eyes from my youngest that still busy with her baked-potato.

“But you never watched it. Why now?” with curious tone. “And why they air Oprah on evening prime time?”

Too many question, too busy dealing with the dishes. And time flies. Suddenly, it’s 7.30.
“Mum, Oprah…,” my son remind me.

I sat nicely on the sofa, tried to get my daughter sit next to me –nice try- and having a mum-daughter time (or mum-daughter time with Oprah) and didn’t work.

And here we go…The guest. They walked to the couch on the middle of Oprah set, with very familiar music background. First, Sarah Jessica-Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw, And then Cynthia Nixon aka Miranda Hobbes, the Kristin Davies aka Charlotte York and Kim Cattral aka Samantha Jones. And Mr. Big.

“Oh, I get it. It’s Sex and the City. That is why you watch Oprah.”

Hmmmm…I just rhyming and mumbling something without any meaning. I’m too busy watching them. Their style, their shoes, their outfit. No time to make a comment of my husband comment.

Yes, I’m not an ‘Oprah’ devoted woman. I never watched it…wait a second, this is my second, I watched once before. Maybe 3-4 years ago, when she had all the Sex and the City cast on her show –as now- , saying goodbye after final episode of their TV show, and they pulled the curtain down, ruled out about making Sex and the City on big screen (guess what? Hooraaay…it’s on Cinema now!)
But I never interested in this show. Even when she had Tom Cruise jump over her couch, announced his engagement or something to Katie Holmes. All of my girlfriends from workplace talked about the issue been rolling on the show, bought the magazines with Oprah gossip, and yet it didn’t move my finger an inch to press my remote button, switching channel to any station airing Oprah.

Not because I don’t like her, or the show –honestly, I don’t know how the show been going, or the format, or anything-. I just not into it. Above all, I prefer doing something useful, like surfing the internet –if you happy to call it useful- rather than spend one hour devoting to the show –sorry Oprah-.

I do admire her, though. In my sort of way, from my very own personal view. She is talented woman. And clever. How a woman -with help from her team of course- can have a show that became a magnet for most of women around the world. Smart. That is the thing that I look up on her. Put aside her personal relationship problem - I didn’t want to know that; which is hard because my girlfriend kept talking about it every time we worked together as if no other topics in this world-, she a pro, doing her work very well.

Good on you, Oprah. And thanks for shared the Sex with me –again.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Where have you been?

Where have you been?

The answer is: I don’t know.
I don’t know why I have no time to write anything, even a very simple thing. I’m too busy, I guess. With heaps of things need to be pack, with my side-job as a cook-book editor –gosh, the deadline seems not far away- and of course with the kids.
I got sooo many article sitting pretty on papers on my desk. Just have no time to re-write it here.
Have a nice weekend….
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