Saturday, November 2, 2013

Simple Tomato Pasta

Inspired by ‘Save with Jamie’ book, I did this simple pasta for weekend lunch. No fuss, ready in in less than 30 mins, and kids –and hubby- loves it.
I tweak bit of the recipe –sorry Jamie- based on what available on my fridge and pantry.

For 4 serve, I need:

·         400gr Penne –cook according to packet instruction
·         1 capsicum, deseed and finely dice
·         2 red chillis, deseed and finely slice
·         3 cloves of garlic, finely slice
·         1x 400gr tin tomato sauce
·         4 ripe tomatoes, finely dice
·         1 tablespoon red wine vinegar –skipped it if you don’t feel like using it
·         Olive Oil
·         Salt & pepper for seasoning
·         Parmesan cheese , to serve

       How to:
  • ·         Cook penne according to packet instructions, drain well.Reserve 1 cup of cooking water for later.
  • ·         On large size pan, add olive oil and cook capsicum & chilli for about 10 minutes on medium heat, stirring regularly.
  • ·         Add garlic, fry for about 1 minute, then add 1 tbs red wine vinegar, diced fresh tomatoes, cook for about 5 minutes, strirring regularly.
  • ·         Add tomato sauce, season with salt & pepper, bring to boil.
  • ·         Once its boiling, add penne and a cup of water –reserved from cooking penne.
  • ·         Mix evenly until penne is all coated with sauce. Turn of the heat.
  • ·         Serve hot with grated parmesan cheese on top.

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