Thursday, April 3, 2008

Going Barn

We love eating out. Especially if those places or restaurants are kids friendly. With high chair and kids menu available. Also crayons and papers to make my littlies busy.

We went to the barn 2 Saturdays ago. Not literally barn, this barn is a café.

We traveled about 15 km to southern Sydney and it took us about 1.5hours –including 2 times changing buses and waiting time for the buses to come-. Not to bad, for a good food and different ambience.
The Barn Café located in suburb of Rozelle. We had been here once before, without the kids –long before my second was born- and the best thing after food is grocery shopping.

This café, not like ordinary café. I means, the interior, the ambience, the food, they all standing tall. As it name –barn-. A big spacious room divided into 3 sections: café, food groceries store, coffee shop.
The café itself took the biggest par of this premise. They mixed different style of wooden chairs on every table, and the bulky-wooden table reminds me of my grandma. Very homy and friendly. Make you want to sit here forever. The menus not too many, yet guaranteed to please your taste buds. We ordered bread platter with dips –which a plate with various bread serve with 3 different home-made dips, very yummy- as an entrée. My husband opts for chili king prawn wrapped beautifully on kind of crispy pastry sheet and serve on bed of fresh salads.

I love a lamb –always- that was why I ordered lamb shank –surprisingly big but very tender- with cauliflower mash and crispy potato ribbons sprinkle on top of it. No veggies though –not really healthy- but on that moment I just want to enjoy the food without thinking about how much I missed the veggies.

For kids meal, nothing new. Every kid loves fish&chips or pasta or simple sandwich, I presume. The pasta my son ordered turned out as kangaroo-shape pasta with simple Napolitano sauce. Plus he got smarty ice cream as dessert for his kids’ meal package. It is kind of relief though, found out the chips wasn’t kind of frozen chips-ready-to-fried thing, but this homemade chips cut in chunky way, taste so light. So good that when I throw out batch of frozen chips on the oven and serve to my daughter on the following day, she just bite a bit and whining all way during dinnertime, that the chips on the barn café was much much better, she wants only that sort of chips. Good girl. That is the downside of teaching your kids eating fresh and good food.

It’s cost us less than 90dollars, and that including coffee, big bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of chinotto –Italian soda-thing-.
Every cent is worth.

Once we finished our lunch –we sat on our table for about 2 hours- we begin our journey to their food shop. So many well-known brands on the shelves next to less-known brand (at least for me) present their own unique character.
We check-out with a bottle of their brand of olive oil, Turkish bread and a couple of organic chocolates.

For my son, the most appealing wasn’t the food or the place. But the menu book and the bathroom. Rather than binding in sort of normal-spirally-way, they binding the menu book with mini fork or spoon or knive as the binder. Very arty. And with the toilet, what fascinated my son is the way they use big wok as the sink and hole-ing the bottom of the wok so water can goes through. My son even snapped the idea of using our old wok to do the same in our bathroom. As if we can easily change it.

We went home happy.
Now, do more research to find our next pit stop.

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