Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baskets of interest

There is one big shopping mall just sprout around the corner of my house -literally- . 
{In Jakarta, if you could walk to shopping mall in 10 minutes, that consider very close :-) }

And like many other malls, this one had big supermarket on their basement, which many Indonesian friend told me they like to came and shop there because many items are on special -of course, it's new anyway, they need to get customer in, isn't is?-

Armed with information about cheap groceries -I meant, on special price- I went for venture two weeks ago, arrived on this big supermarket -no wonder they called themselves hyper- and found many -yes many- items we consume on daily basis are on special indeed.

Then I found on one of their back corner, a basket section that too good to be true -if we talking about baskets in Supermarket, most of the times I will found those cheap distasteful plastic one. I never found baskets section like this. It's made from faux rattan -sort of plastic, maybe, oh well- but it does have a great looks. The only downside was the supermarket staffs clearly do not know how to arrange and displayed it based on shapes or colors , if they put little bit effort on it, I thought it would be wonderful....
{in case you wondering about my pictures, yes I DID ARRANGE it a bit, for the sake of my snapshot :-)  }

Price wise, around IDR 35.000 (for smaller round with about 12cm diameter) to IDR 120.000 for the big tall round basket. Round  basket bit more expensive  compare to square or rectangle counterparts.

After hours of yes-no-yes-no, I finally laid my  choice on this...

Where you could find this:
Hypermart Supermarket on Kemang Village - Jalan Antasari - South Jakarta.
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