Wednesday, July 2, 2008

S.O.C – Save Our Clothes

The basic rule when you wants to sort your stuff out is: don’t feel bad if you have to throw your nice pants out of your closet – because it’s to small for you and you don’t think you be able to shape your body back to that size- OR you have to hand-down your nicest pair of shoes –because it’s too big, you bought it while on special and on that moment half size bigger than your feet size doesn’t seem a problem but killing your back afterward every time you wore it-.

I knew that as from my mum who always throw one thing out every time she bought a new one, so her closet was always fit, neat, and tidy.

Learning by watching is completely different with learning by doing. And I’m doing very big work. Not as simple as throw one out because something new need home, it’s more like emptying the whole closet, move out some decent and wearable summer outfit onto boxes, and pack them away – yes, we moving anytime soon-. And sort and throw away some un-fit clothes.

So, here I am, sit down on my bedroom carpet with my closet door wide-open.

Every time I grabbed my pants or clothes from the closet, I have no courage to put it on my throw away box. Even I know its way too small. Like 2 sizes below my size now. It’s always something playing on the back of my mind that I’ll be skinny again sometimes, loosing another 10kg, and those pants will fit again beautifully –on my dream-.

When I finished, I was amaze. Whole closet looking good, neat and clean. Great.
But…wait a second, what happened with all the clothes lay on carpet? I can barely walked pass of it to the door. Gosh! Is that what I’ve been doing this whole time/ Moving pile of clothes from one place to another. And my ‘throw-away’ basket that sit on the corner –that supposed to be overflowing with clothes- only quarter full.

Never though before that sorting day will be this hard. Today is just the beginning of the whole process of cleaning up my house before moving.

And I’m desperate.

Is someone willing to help me….please….
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