Friday, January 8, 2010

½ bored – ½ ??? Silly…might be.

When I get bored, sometimes I did something unthinkable and sometimes it’s reasonably silly. Especially on hectic time, when stuck in the middle of my chaotic desk with all papers and sketch need to be finalized.
Like a moment ago.
I starringly blank on my screen. It was –as always- Google page right in front of my face. I know I need to googling something –which I lost it what it was- then I just typed my name on search column. And in a flash I can see my name pour all over the page. Me on my own blog –of course- on top list, me on Friendster, me on Facebook , me on here, me on there, me everywhere…Quite disappointment not finding my name attached to my online shop –means I have more work to do to make it happen-.
There was also my name on this site, site I never heard of it. Pipl.
It’s turn on to be a most comprehensive people search on the web –as they said on their main page-. This prompted me to –again- type my own name on it. And as I thought, my name appears followed with me on Facebook. Hmmm….Why they can’t search and relate me to Strawberry Patch?
It seems my side job with Trading Place took over my real passion :(
I should back to work, but another idea just creeping to my head.
I came back to Google page, this second time returned with other mission: typed my husband name and googling it.
Voila…his name all over the place…and in a contrast his name is on everything related to his work, his research and his job. His Facebook related profile was only on number sixth or five from the top. And as well as on Pipl, his name mostly on publication.
People who didn’t know him well must’ve been thinking he is very serious guy indeed. He is funny man though.
I have to stop working with computer now. Enough for today, before I started googling couples of friends name on my screen.
If you do so, just tell me what you are on the top. Or you might be curious, and googling my name instead.
You allowed.
Good night...
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