Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day Tripper: Cable Car ride at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

It was not our 1st time visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in East Jakarta, not like our trip before, this time our timing was not quite perfect. Our little brother and his wife and son were in J-town, and this little man was very eager to had first hand experience riding Cable Car. I could recall my last ride on the same cable car was like 25-30 years ago, so this kind of exciting for me and my kids too.

Though we came early enough -early as on our timeline of course-, once we hit Taman Mini gate we saw  thousand of people flooded this park already. We decided we had to jump on the queue of the first cable car station -thanks to our parent that lend us their car plus driver, so we don't have to find parking spot ourselves-. 

Bought our ticket, lining lane seems empty, we thought we still can kick up our morning with another ride after Cable Car, until we followed through this metal-waist-height-bar to turnstill door, got our hand stamp, and wohoo....the queue was just unbelievably long! It seems moving through though, so we kept going until up to Cable Car deck an MORE and MORE people -was waiting on the platform. No turning point, we continued queue, tried to do quick math between numbers of people and timing of cable cars come and go. Long way to go. We did not think that it will be this long queue so we left our drinking water inside our car, and no sight of water vendor on the deck -on that time I really wish there were drink vendor or 'pedagang asongan' as we called it.

This flashing timer turned green after 26 seconds, means the cable car on the queue is ready to's 26 seconds distance between one cabin and another...

Rama loves buildings, structures and mechanical things so much, this photo taken by him -so I could check the company who made this Cable Cars on the net, that was he said-

We finally had turn to jump on our cabin after about 1 hour 10 minutes standing on the queue. Cable car ride was about 10 minutes, gliding along from C station (where we started) to B station and return back from B to C. There was also another station, A station which lead to B station too, and back to A again.

The view from atop was fantastic, we could see Taman Mini area from above, getting to enjoyed Taman Mini more compare with driving around this huge park -which one of traveller blogger said that "nothing mini about Taman Mini"-

It's worth the queue and Rp.25.000,- ticket fare.

Should try again next time. 

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