Sunday, November 29, 2009

Car obsession

I can’t remember when it started or why I had this obsession. It might be triggered when I saw my fabrics-remnant boxes can’t really hold its lid. Not like my brother who really obsessed –sorry dear- with newest model from Honda, my car-obsession come with scissor and thread in hand.

The idea of car-hanging or car-bunting or whatever you may call it kept nagging inside my head for few days while I really flat with X-Mas markets and bazaars. When I had time to really draw and cut and sew and...Goodness…it’s the fattest and silliest car I ever saw.

(not-so-cute car)

Another sketch and tried to eliminated my hand for filling it too much, I came with my second car that look a bit –just a bit, annoyingly-better that my first baby.

(rather funny-car)

Have to give up now, though the image of perfect car still haunted me. Simply no time. I’ll get back to this project in next two weeks –fingers cross- ; I’ll let you know what happen.
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