Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lego all the way

When I uploaded picture above -the main family picture- in front of Legoland Malaysia's sign on my Facebook, I flooded by e-mails and messages asking about if this place is actually open. Some of friends thinking I was on holiday in Malaysia, some are envy that we got there on first day -thanks to my provocative info on my picture :-)

Then I had to tell the truth, that we actually only went to Gandaria City Mall nearby, and they happened to have Legoland Malaysia booth on LG level opposite Kopitiam Restaurant, and according to booth's staffs we were one of less than 5 families visited that day because they just had opened their booth. Of course they had special price for entrance ticket, IDR 288.000 instead of IDR 420.000 for adult and IDR 210.000 instead of IDR 330.000 for child and senior member (60+). Pre-sale ticket valid from opening day -which is plan on Sept 15- to Dec 2012.

Apart from Legoland booth there were also big Lego display on main LG lobby -cmiiw- that were not so outstanding, some little details are cute. Like the Firemen doing push-up exercise or a fireman on its pole.

This time, Lego had new collection called 'Friends', marketed for girls age 6-12, which my daughter completely fall in love with it. Though we loves Lego so much, we think this Friends collection still bit pricey at the moment so we decided we not getting any but Friends minifigure for my little girl.

They will have this Lego display until school holiday ends, about 2nd week of July. If you really want to see it, heading off to Gandaria City, LG, around opposite Ace Hardware area.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jakarta from my camera : June 2012

It is June, and Jakarta -big city often referred as Big Durian- will be one year older. Apart from smoked,fumed cursed and tot-toted motorbikes and cars fighting for their tiny space on its roads and 'gangs', I found plenty interesting things in Jakarta.

My son sketch for his version of Jakarta Guidebook he created with his classmates few months ago, and his introduction about Jakarta were interesting, with his personal view about Big Durian -rough and smelly on the outside but really sweet and great on the inside- gave me the idea to capture many you would not -or not yet- see about Jakarta.

It's unfortunate that my first snapshots were taken from a deli inside big hotel, which of course putting a lot into this celebration month. Put it aside, 'Roti Semprong' -a thin,crispy and sweet traditional snack made from flour and shaped onto cigar-size was always a prominent feature you would see in June, alongside 'Roti Buaya' -a crocodile shaped sweet bun-.

That's all for now. Will be back with more pictures...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday, June 3rd 2012

Snapshot between Aksara Bookstore in Kemang , Mc Donald in Kemang and Lunch around Kemang, South Jakarta...

And things from Tintin-themed Birthday Party my son invited

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