Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 6 challenge: Steam Fish - Asian Style

It should be Salmon.
I do not know why I shop for white fish instead of Salmon. I had cloudy mind on the day 6 challenge, my work overtaking me and my mind, so I don't know if I could still on this challenge when I deliberately change the main ingredient. It's still fish, but grouper surely have no family connection with those  salmon.

I wish I had Jamie's on my speed dial so I could ask about this.

Things happened anyway, dinner still have to be server, so I choose to move on and cook.

For 2 serves (I always doubling it, 2 serves is what the book said)
you will need:
* A handful of broccoli (I swap white chinese greens instead, i.e baby  bok choy), slice half lenghtways , rinse well.
* 220g of water chestnut (yee-haa...still had leftover from previous day challenge), slice
* About 400g fish fillet (grouper, not salmon)
* A handfull of sugar-snaps peas

How to do your fish:
* Prepare a steamer, fill with water and bring it to boil.
* Use heat-proof bowl -kinda pyrex thing-; place the water chestnut, then add sugar snaps then bok choy on the top. Place the fish on the very top, cover with foil. Seal the edge tight so the steam stays. (Jamie used colander, I choose    not to move the fish from one to another plate)
* Steam for about 10minutes.

While you wait for your fish to be ready, you could start preparing the dressing.

For the dressing, you need:
* 2cm garlic, peel and grate
* 1 clove of garlic, peel and grate
* 1/2 fresh chili, deseed and finely slice
* 1 spring onion, finely slice
* 2 tbs soy sauce
* 3 tbs extra virgin olive oil
* 1 lemon, squeeze the juice out.

Mix everything together on ceramic bowl using spoon, put aside.

Your fish should be ready by the time you finish your sauce. 
Drizzle the sauce over. 

Ready to serve, I served with rice.

The best steam fish ever!


Vanessa Reksodipoetro said...

Mba Ayu, what is grouper in Indonesian? Is it gurame? I really want to try this recipe.... somehow I've been craving for fresh fish lately :)

Ayu Husodo said...

Kerapu mbak

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