Friday, September 26, 2008

Only God knows how to untangle this traffic jam!

People said they don’t like Monday. Whoever said that, they obviously never drive their car, or trapped inside hot-humid-packed buses that crawling in 5km/hour through Sudirman Street in Jakarta on Friday afternoon. Particularly one Friday afternoon, when people rushed home on their last office day before long Ied holiday. Like this afternoon. I’m cursing the traffic all the way home. Took me more than half an hour to travel less than one kilometer to get home. Far out!

Let me put in this way:
One car with only at least 3 people inside, fight for space with hundreds of motorbike –their maneuver to kicked other for the sake of narrow part of the street is unbelievably dangerous- and buses that stopped on their own pace-who cares about bus stop or bus on shelter if you can jump in or out wherever you want-. Flocking. Jam. Stroll at snail speed.

Welcome back to Jakarta, Ayu!

Anyway, Happy Eid Mubarak.

Friday, September 19, 2008


The last 4.5 years surely painted our life with colors. Bright, subdued, pale, one too many. One day before our flight home, we busy saying goodbye to everyone. Hard though, sometimes tears are involved.

It was a long 10-days process. Been prepared since 3 months before it, if I may say. Couldn’t really tell the whole story –involving last minute emergency calling to get a big dump-bin; rescheduled carpet cleaning; dismantle all furniture; too many to listed-. I miss Sydney already.

Our ex-house tell us different story. Our daughter was born here. On the day we had to hand house-key back to the agent, we had one good hour to have a look for the last time, all clean and empty, sort of feeling that we couldn’t clearly described, and my daughter kept bounce back and sat quietly on our –used to be- bedroom corner used to home her cot. Sad. If I have enough capital, I’ll beg the agent to sell the house for us for sure.

Here, glimpse of our hard work to pulled every room down, and catch the difference. Just please don’t start to make a comment, or you will be jail for life for bringing back my tears.

The Lodge

The Lodge that I'm talking about is not the one next to Sydney Harbour, where Prime Minister spends the day while on Sydney. A far from the 'Lodge', this Lodge located across UNSW, spreading view of houses and laundry liner pop-up from one and another. The good thing: location. Perfect for us. About 10 minutes walk from our house -or I should call it ex-house- in Houston Rd.We spent our first 10 days living in Australia, stayed at this place. It was kind of last minute decision, while our-suppose to be- host change his mind in very last minute, then his friend offered us temporary accommodation on his place, we had jetlag and barely ate on our flight, our son was cranky and tired, and dragging four extra big luggage to level 3 doesn't sound very tempting for us. Someone mention about this lodge, two floor old building cater for almost 40 rooms. Not so flashy, rather dull, but enough for temporary accommodation.
This time, we did better. We -aging- spent our last 10 days living in Australia -for this term- on the same lodge, different room though. This place has been through facelift, leaving one big service apartment on its pool corner, big enough to cater four of us and heaps of boxes to sort. Service was average -as before- , only because we know the trick we can got better room with better price.
The best thing for us on our second stay: my daughter daycare is only 2 minutes walk. What a very convenience way
The downside: internet connection was crap. We disconnect from the world while we stayed, their wireless connection big major problem and they seems doesn't care, doesn't want to fix it. Irritated me. Have to go to internet cafe with zero security for banking transaction or others secure transaction make me insane.
Here my though for this Lodge:
Rate: moderate.
Recommended: Family room or Service Apartment if stay with child.
Price performance: moderate
Barker Lodge Motel
32 Barker St, Kingsford 2032
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