Friday, May 15, 2009

Wolverine VS Children

When we happened to have our schedule re-organize, made some room for sneaking into cinema for the first time since we moved here. What dragged us there is: X-Men; The Origin starred by Hugh Jackman. It wasn’t busy –noted that we choose mid-day session- ; I can clearly count less than 20people occupied the cinema.

Apart from Hugh Jackman act, the film itself is great, not that I’m unexpected but still, amaze me with all the act plus technology the put together.

One thing I really noting: From less than 20 people, half of those are children, age range 8-12 years old, accompany by adult –mostly their mum-. I understand it’s kind of holiday for those on primary school who don’t sit on last grades. It’s not an excuse though, to let them enjoying their holiday watched movie clearly inappropriate for their age, rate M(ature) yet ignored. I am a mother myself; I draw straight line for what my children are allowed to watch. Bring under 12 witnessing how easy people killing each other –I know it’s only on the movie- surely not one of many way to educate –or even to entertain- children. Even worst, using children as an excuse to watch movie mom wants too dearly, as if rating create just for nothing.

Not going to judge, everyone have their own view about this. Don’t be surprised if in the next 5 or 10 years they growing up, they more likely to solve any problem with guns or anything destructive. Just be preparing.

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