Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a difference an hour made, sixty little minutes...

Big thing happened when my husband away for one-hour.

He wasn't waving goodbye to his bike, when he off from home about 40minutes ago. His bike was sold, for quite appropriate price -as we wished- for a very nice customer -as we wished,too-

I am the one who waved his bike goodbye, holding-back my tears.

On that moment, I did feel my 5meters-thick wall that I built surrounded me; shattered into pieces. Comes the moment to embrace all reality that we will leaving anytime soon, and separation from this bike is only small milestone marking my way closer to 10th of September.

What a difference a day made, twenty four little hours...

What a difference a day made, twenty four little hours....

We had posters, paintings, photos, pictures hang around our place. It was.

Once we took them down, rolled it up, packed inside boxes and tubes...I can feel the empty feeling...

Kind of weird or sad, I may called it, seeing those wall speak subdued color. Like no one ever occupied this place...Only pins left, made even worse view...

What a difference a day made, twenty four little hours...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going Going GONE…

First, it was the tricycle bike.

We didn’t really use this bike for so long, separation made easy. One lady came in with her 2 years old son one afternoon; I waved her goodbye with $15 extra on my pocket.

Second, it was my son bed.
Knowing that he happily moved to his bunk-bed, no tears for farewell party for this bed its new home. It’s one of our friends who bought it for her daughter.

Third, it was my daughter cot.

For some reason – that only she knew exactly what the reason are- she kept saying no every time we tried to put her to sleep on her cot. Tantrum was unbearable. She won, she moved to our bed, been slept with us for the last 4 weeks, and happily forget about the cot. Back pain and neck pain is more like daily habit for me since our bed far from ideal to be occupied by 3 people, even the third is a 16months old –with endless spinning energy while closed her eyes; enough to kick me out from my own bed.

We dismantle the cot; put the ad on the internet, and successfully selling it to a young couple driving BMW expecting their first child in 4 weeks. Again, no tears. Only joy, imagining the cot will be a home for a new baby, a new life. And joy for added extra $65 to our pocket. I got plan already how to spend the money…hmmmm…..

Fourth, it was our new digital top box.

Oh, let me say it again. It was my husband new digital top box, which he bought months ago but not compatible with our TV. Since I put the ad on the internet, I’ve been overwhelmed with e-mail offering to buy. There was a very determinant guy, kept sending me e-mail and even text-message just about midnight, begging me for this digital top box. It’s finally got me to agree him for $50, but the aftermath not as smooth as I expected. He drove kilometers to get to my place with his mate car, got this top box, and somehow he was shocked –that what he said to me on e-mail- when he opened the box, found hundreds scratches on it’s small glass-screeny thing. He got me panic. After couple of exchanged e-mails and text-message, examined the photo he had send me, I came to conclusion: it’s not scratches, it’s a kind of very thin plastic film-sort of thing that use to coated the screen when you bought electrical item. Explained to him, haven’t heard from him since. I suppose everything all right and settle down. Fingers cross.

Fifth, our less-than-one-year desk fan.
Bit sad this time. The fan been sitting pretty on my bedroom, and I am not really keen to sell it for $40. But keeping this fan will be a whole complete different story –and different problem too. So, let it go…

Yesterday, another buyer came in to pick up my son old stroller. It’s our sixth sale, this guy was happy to pay $65 -$10 less from my first offer, and we don’t want to keep it anyway. $65 sounds good. Adios Volo. Still got one more stroller have to sell, my ad been up for 3 weeks but nothing came back to me so far. Have to be patient for this time.

Tomorrow will be another day, another buyer, and another item has to be selling. It will be my bedside drawer, it’s been on my side for the last 4.5 years, and I am surely not happy to let it go. People say don’t love something too much, will give only trouble that you can’t mend. I don’t feel like broken heart. Only something will missing, and not so ready for that.

Let see tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2008

For the sake of my sanity!

I have to write something, for the sake of my sanity!

It’s been very busy months lately. I am living with boxes –and two kids plus my husband, of course- for weeks. Literally. My live was only matter of sorting and packing and labeling. Missed my books –I packed them all to gave more room to move, and more to assurance myself that I am so ready to moving out- only got me onto book starvation every time I walked pass Uni Bookshop. Missed lazy time and become couch potato, with newest movie from my local DVD rental –he; the rental owner must’ve been miss me too, we are loyal customer, we used to rent every day, I wonder how much money he lost because we didn’t rent anything in past 2weeks- .
The worst, I miss shopping. Real shopping. Now, I only shop for groceries, always rushed in and out supermarket with my mind tingling about what should or shouldn’t go in these particular shape boxes or which things has to thrown out. Thinking about shopping –I mean clothes- makes me think that at the end I have to pack all of the clothes, and I worried about how much time I have to pack.

Until it take toll. Started yesterday, I didn’t quite get why I so agitated with the chemist staff who tried to convinced me to switch my daughter fresh milk with formula. Only because I asked for multivitamins my GP recommended, she dragged me to this formula-conversation, and left I upset about all those conversation. I knew it’s very hard these days to sell every product. Doesn’t mean you had to push someone along the conversation. I’m not used to upset easily, especially with sales people, I am a salesperson myself and I understand the pressure well.

And today, another story with delivery guy who dropped my boxes-order and make the rest of my day completely different. I am not in a good shape –I mean not physically- and he just like pressed the wrong button very hard, and blew…
(Don’t asked me what been happening, I tired repeating the same story since I rang everybody on those company to lodging complaint)

Tomorrow have to be better day.

Little shopping, perhaps…going local for coffee, or movie?

I don’t know.
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