Monday, August 18, 2008

For the sake of my sanity!

I have to write something, for the sake of my sanity!

It’s been very busy months lately. I am living with boxes –and two kids plus my husband, of course- for weeks. Literally. My live was only matter of sorting and packing and labeling. Missed my books –I packed them all to gave more room to move, and more to assurance myself that I am so ready to moving out- only got me onto book starvation every time I walked pass Uni Bookshop. Missed lazy time and become couch potato, with newest movie from my local DVD rental –he; the rental owner must’ve been miss me too, we are loyal customer, we used to rent every day, I wonder how much money he lost because we didn’t rent anything in past 2weeks- .
The worst, I miss shopping. Real shopping. Now, I only shop for groceries, always rushed in and out supermarket with my mind tingling about what should or shouldn’t go in these particular shape boxes or which things has to thrown out. Thinking about shopping –I mean clothes- makes me think that at the end I have to pack all of the clothes, and I worried about how much time I have to pack.

Until it take toll. Started yesterday, I didn’t quite get why I so agitated with the chemist staff who tried to convinced me to switch my daughter fresh milk with formula. Only because I asked for multivitamins my GP recommended, she dragged me to this formula-conversation, and left I upset about all those conversation. I knew it’s very hard these days to sell every product. Doesn’t mean you had to push someone along the conversation. I’m not used to upset easily, especially with sales people, I am a salesperson myself and I understand the pressure well.

And today, another story with delivery guy who dropped my boxes-order and make the rest of my day completely different. I am not in a good shape –I mean not physically- and he just like pressed the wrong button very hard, and blew…
(Don’t asked me what been happening, I tired repeating the same story since I rang everybody on those company to lodging complaint)

Tomorrow have to be better day.

Little shopping, perhaps…going local for coffee, or movie?

I don’t know.

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