Monday, February 22, 2010

Big R build a bridge

I don't understand why my 7 years old boy choose a quite hard school project while another option hampered, and most of them are simple project.

As his teacher said, he is more a thinker, he love to challenging himself more, which in this case challenge me to squeeze my time, finding a spare time for quick dash to local supermarket, to get him bunch of ice cream sticks for his school project -at the end ,it's ended up with my husband and my daughter in tow, plus a big bowl of hot 'bakso' to sealed our shopping time, not to mention a trolley full of extra drinks and so and so that surely out of my shopping list-.
Pictures telling us more than thousand words. I'm sure someone will notice how messy my place -not the table he use- during the weekend.
And yet this bridge still far from finish.
Let see next weekend.

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