Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 5 Challenge : Thai Green Curry

Day 5 challenge, I started to wearing out. Its not that I don't like to cook the good food, I just frustated for not be able to get all herbs I need from my local supermarket.Challenge still on,another 3 meals for my next 3 days.

I plan to do curry this time. Thai curry,not the Indian version.
With a dash of hope, I popped back to my local supermarket to check if they stock corriander leaves. I asked my maid earlier to get it from her local vegie vendor, but this corriander leaves quite unpopular, no vendor knew it.

Then I got the biggest shock in my life -ok, I'm overreacted- but yes, how shocked could you be if you find a bunch of corriander weight 100g cost almost 40,000 rupiah, and I used to pay not more than Rp.10,000 So forget about fresh corriander, I decided to use dried corriander instead. Oh well....

So for the green curry paste, you will need:
* 2 stalks of lemongrass, trim and crush the stalks
* 4 spring onions, trim and chop
* 3 fresh green chillies, halve and deseed, chop
* 4 cloves of garlic, peel and chop
* About 2cm ginger, peel and chop 
* 2 tsp dried coriander seeds
* 8 fresh lime leaves
* 3 tbs soy sauce
* 1 tbs fish sauce

Put everything on food processor, whizz them, half way whizzing you could add soy sauce and fish sauce, whizz again until become a smooth pasta.

For 2 serves of curry, you will need:
* 4-5 stalk of asparagus, finely slice lengthways
* half fresh chili, finely chop -deseed if you like to have your curry less hot-
* 1 tbs oil - Jamie prefer nut based oil, I have none, so I use canola instead
* 1 tbs sesame oil
* 400g raw prawns, peeled
* 400ml coconut milk (I use tinned coconut milk)
* a cup of french beans or sugar snap peas -I use sugar-snap peas-
* 1 lime

How to:
* Place a large wok on high heat, once its really hot, add both oil, swirl around and add the prawn, asparagus and green curry paste, stir it for about 30 seconds. Pour in the coconut milk, add the peas.
* Stir well, bring to boil, cook for another few minutes.
* Taste it, add more soy sauce if you like it.
* Turn the heat down, squeeze the juice out from the lime on to the curry.

Ready to serve, best eating while is hot and accompany by jasmine rice.

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