Monday, April 7, 2008

Dare a Deer, dear?

We became market junkie now.

Last Saturday was our second visit to Good Living Growers Market held at Prymont Park. We nothing next to rushed this time, way different with last month, knowing this market is only open for couple of hours. Somehow we managed to arrive earlier than last month. We must’ve been lucky with all the public transports, I guess.

You might wonder what is so special with this market. Ok, let me tell you, if you expecting to find some ‘normal’ items like sold in Supermarket, you’ll be disappointed. The vendor’s sells more like organics-things or their own products from their farm, or their homemade food. Others sells fresh food, fresh meet direct from paddock, blueberry pancakes ready to eat –in case you haven’t had time for breakfast- or even flowers. Rare and unique flowers and stems –not kind of lilies or roses you found in every florist around the corner; more like exotic for me-. Coffee? Morning shopping without a cup of cappuccino won’t be a perfect outing morning. There are six or five coffee vendors, but you can’t past the obvious queue on Toby Estate Coffee.

Because this is second trip, we won’t go and bought same products as before –except products that have no competition and we fall into it-.

So, here our best pick from both visit:
· Fresh Lamb from Saltbush Lamb. First we bought lamb-chopped marinated in Moroccan-style; which we though will be spicy but turned out to plain for our Asian-tongue. Second time I bought fresh lamb-chopped, we had it for dinner on Sunday night and it was very beautiful and juicy lamb.

· Pastabilities.
We kept coming back for their sauce. I haven’t do anything with their chili&tomato jam I bought last Saturday, I will using it for spreading my next pizza project. It quite spicy, for sure –I tasted it-. I bought their grilled-eggplant and chili ready-to-use-pasta sauce, but they run out the stock last Saturday.

· Cordial from Fruitsoda, we bought couple of bottle ginger and kaffir lime cordials on our first visit. We didn’t buy anything last time, knowing winter just around the corner and we don’t feel for hot cordial.

· Sesame sauce –Goma- and Miso paste from middle-age couple who made everything on their kitchen. She is Japanese and the chef-of course- and he is an Aussie and did very good talking part. The best miso paste I ever ate –outside Japan- and us not very lucky last Saturday, they got nothing left when we came to their marquee. Have to wait until next market, next month.

· Parkers Organic Juice. The second best fresh juice –the first is the one I made from my kitchen-. They had sparkling version too. Why these juices taste better on the market rather than the one I bought from my neighborhood cafĂ©?

· Venison from Mandagery Creek Farm. Do you know what it venison is? A deer, dear. From a dear-farm. One thing that catches my eyes is: they stated on their poster about halal certificate for their products. So why not try? I haven’t cook it though, tomorrow or the day after. But the meat seems so smooth and soft, so, wait until I eat it. I will tell you the rest.

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