Thursday, August 2, 2007

Going Banana

I did my weekly groceries shopping yesterday (means: shop for veggies and fruits that put me on shock when I saw the price tag)

Carrots: check.
Potatoes: check
Herbs: check
Apples: check
Bananas: Omigod!

I saw the price: $7.98 for a kilogram of Bananas, which only 3 or 4 bananas for a kilo.
Okeeey, this is not the worst price I ever see. We had been through $12.98/kgs before, when the Banana's plantation in Queensland was ruin by hurricane. When every time I passed the isle, I only can managed to buy 1 for our son. When bought a banana felt like we bought oyster or even caviar (not really match comparison though).

And with specific order from my son to buy some bananas, it's impossible to come home with empty hand and pretend that I forget to buy. He won't forgive me.
So, I took 3 of them, carefully placed inside the plastic bag as if I place a diamond. And weight it, so I can calculate how much I should pay. This banana's price make me going banana.

When it's time to check-out, and stand on the queue that stretch for 5km as always (I think all of big supermarket try to cut-out the labor. With 20 check-out register, only 5 are open and all with long queue, make you swear not to come back shopping to this place but always come back, and swear again when they put you on long queue), I ears dropping two old ladies in front of me with trolley full of groceries which will take forever to upload and scan.

(I know ears dropping its not good habit, just can't help)

1st Lady: Fancy cup of coffee?

2nd Lady: Sure. But don't take me to your favorite coffee shop. I don't really like it.

1st: Why? They had the best coffee in this centre. And regarding the price, it's very good.

2nd: I'm not talking about their coffee. But their banana bread. It's taste like rubbish.

1st: So you ever tried rubbish then (with smile, try to tease...)

2nd: No. that’s not that I mean. I mean, the banana bread doesn't taste like banana. To much
artificial flavoring.

1st: Oh dear, that's not really their fault. You know bananas price been crazy lately. They've
must try to do their best...

2nd: Their what...? Wait a sec, why you become their spokesperson now? You know what, not
only their banana bread makes me going banana, you make me going banana too.....

1st: But...

2nd: Blah...blah...blah....

(It seems I'm not alone)

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