Monday, July 30, 2007


As long as I can remember, I never did Yoga in my life. Not now, not before when I was in school. I still remember, we did sort of exercised on primary school (you might rememberSKJ -Senam Kesegaran Jasmani- with new version every single year) or just army-style exercised on High School with one-two-three command from your friend (ketua kelas, must remember that).
So, it really surprised me when Rama home from school (sorry, I mean preschool-slash-daycare) and said: we did yoga before nap time. And will do everyday, from now on.
Yoga? That's interesting. World really change.
The following day, when I dropped Rama off, I asked his teacher. Mrs.M enthusiastically explained, simple yoga for little people (simple, because only 4 easy pose, and she said, it's very easy to follow), made them easy to rest and feel fresher when wake up in the afternoon. And must be good for teachers. If they fresher, must be easier to organize...hmmm...)
That afternoon, I asked Rama to show me how to do the position. Snake pose, Tiger pose, Star pose and Warrior pose (not so sure though, Rama bit doubt when I ask to spell it, he said warria instead). Look very simple, hard to follow.If Rama does yoga, I just thinking for doing it myself. Seems fun, and soooo many people said, yoga bring good influence,balance your life and soul, make you feel happier (I though only money can make your life happy, and of course if there are things that money can't buy, there is Marstercard), your body will feel better, etc. You name it, yoga got it.Or at least close to it.So, should I enroll to one of the centre that has yoga class -and of course class that allowed bubba attached with mommy during the session-. I have to admit that I am not very good at something that needs continuously action. Or maybe the best thing to do is just come to Rama school everyday and do free yoga with the kids.
Yoga anyone?

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