Thursday, July 19, 2007


You can call it cold, flu or whatever you likes, just doesn't make me feel better. Because it's that causes all of the problems.

Do I sound desperate? Kind of. I always optimistic about everything and today it's all seems disappear. Thanks to the weather. Not even minus yet, but enough to make me suffer.

It's all started about 3 weeks ago. First, my husband. He's been on bed for one week, and had to get antibiotic shot on 2nd week. He'd been better since. And early this week, when he almost recovers, my son got it. Cough, running nose, headache. And it's bounced again to him. Poor thing. And 2 days ago, strike on me.
And the most annoyed thing happen. I have to (or I felt I have to ???)-No choice- takes care of everybody while my own body doesn't even cope. Can't think, got headache, have to think about food, the baby just screaming...God knows what on my mind.

Suddenly I missed all the good times. Indonesia. So many people around, families, friends, always there with extra hand. You don't have to off from bed, breakfast is coming. It is always somebody can help you out. It was luxury. Yes, it was.

So, back to the reality show that happens in the present time.
Dealing with 2-tonnes of laundry while you have to hold onto something (ex: washing machine or dryer, in case you fall over in laundry room)
Dealing with 2-himalaya's miniature of dishes needs to be done.
Dealing with 4 (almost 5, like he always said) years old boy with non-stop-coughing-always-forgot-the hankie.
And dealing with myself to keep sane.
No complaints, just bit out of control (unfortunately)

The bottom line is : keep healthy. And it will make you live longer.

Salute to all women who successfully managed everything for her family, no matter happen.

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