Monday, October 15, 2007


I had to re-open my cookies factory on last Friday, the very last day of Ramadan. It’s all because my son ate all the cookies reserved for Ied, and he wanted more and more cookies. He seems to love these cookies from my aunt recipe.

And what you wouldn’t do for your kids?

I decided not to made nastar for the second round. Too hard. Consuming time. I just made some cookies with jam on the top, which is simple and easier, and dozen of Teddy Bear cookies with M&M chocolate as their belly button.

It took me shorter than before. 3 hours in total. But something always happened when you least expect it.

I started baking my first batch, teddy bear cookies. Recipe said, only need approximately 8 minutes to bake it. I don’t want to bake it wrong, so I programmed the oven on 5 minutes. 5 minutes roll, when I checked, the teddies look halfway done. So I turned on my oven for another 5 minutes (my oven can’t be program under 5 minutes). I was thinking, I just waiting on the kitchen with timer on my hand. When I closed oven door, my phone rang. It’s a friend who wants to let me know that they will come to our place on following day to greet us for the Ied. And we fall into conversation about other friend that just had a baby. I completely forgot about my teddies & the time.

I realized something went wrong when I smell some burning aroma. Just in time for my oven’s alarm to scream.

Hurried up hanging the phone didn’t help. My lovely teddies were burned. All black. Oh-My-God!

With no more dough to turn into another dozen (or even two) teddies, I can imagine my son’s disappointing face. I told him before about these teddies.

When he back from Friday Praying, I told him about the cookies. The ‘accident’. “May I have a look?” asked him. “That’s ok, mom. You doing great job. I will eat it when I break my fasting this afternoon.”

He kept his promised. He did eat my black burnt teddies. Not one, not two, but four, and spare the rest for the following day.

I pinched one of teddies from him, and surprisingly, it doesn’t taste bad at all. Bit burnt, yes. Not good looking teddies, yes. Eatable, yes indeed J

(I apologize I can’t place the picture of burnt teddies here. For the sake of embarrassing moment J . If you curious about it just leave a comment, I’ll e-mail it to you)


Yulia Astuti said...

mba ayu...aku juga mau dong teddiesnya...;)
hehe, apa kabar mba? senang ketemu di blog! :)

Anonymous said...

mbak ayu .. minal aidin juga ya .. duuuh cookiesnya kayanya yummy deh tuh ... kirim2 mbak ke bekasi :D

Anonymous said...

mba Ayu, bagi resepnya juga ya... kayanya yummy...

btw, selamat Lebaran yah...

wulan (mamanya Nio)

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