Friday, October 5, 2007

50 Roses

"You want me to bring you something?"

That's the question my husband always asked me, if he going somewhere without me. Like today. He went to city with my son after Friday praying. Want to get mini-aeroplane for my son. And I have nothing on my mind. "Just buy me a flower." I replied. I knew there is a tiny florist on the corner of Pitt and Market St. They had lovely flowers, and not so expensive too.

And he came home with roses. Not a bunch, but five. 50 stems of roses. Red and beautiful. I didn't expect he will buy me that much.

He's not a romantic. Not sort of candle-light-dinner type of man. But the roses that he brought home put me on tears. That's him. Always give me more than I expected. And this afternoon, it' s a lovely surprise.

Thank you, hon.


Andinie Sunjayadi said...

hallo mabk ayu,
makasih sudah berkunjung ke gowirausaha ya :)
kirim email ke mana mbak, ttg bordir yg mbak tawarkan? saya cari2 ke blog ini kok ndak nemu profil mbak ayu.

ditunggu replynya mbak

salam, andinie email me to

koeaing! said...

What a romantic man....:P I envoy him !


I Made Andi Arsana said...

Mb Ayu,

Tidak ada Taurus yang tidak romantis. Jauh di dalam... semuanya romantis kok he he he

hidup Taurus...

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