Sunday, October 7, 2007


I turned my kitchen into cookies factory. With Ramadan will end in a week, I don’t want to miss celebrating Ied without a jar of ‘Nastar’ on my dining table.

It always easier to buy rather than made it yourself. Couple of Indonesia groceries around my place started to display homemade cookies –Indonesia traditional cookies such Nastar, Kastengels or Lidah Kucing- on their shelf. Not really expensive though, around $6 for 150grams packaging. But the joy of cooking that preserves me to buy.

This year, I decided to buy all Indonesia ingredients. From flour –Segitiga Biru- to butter –Blue Band- so we can taste real Indonesian cookies. Not Indonesian cookies with Aussie taste. Like last year or the year before. Kind of expensive when I unload all my groceries on the check-out counter, compared with Aussie ingredients I used to. But nothing can deter me from make the real Indonesian cookies. I paid about AUD$20 for 1kg of flour, 1kg of BlueBand and 500gr of sugar. The only problem is finding pineapple jam for Nastar filling. People here ate jams but pineapple. And I don’t want to make myself. Too much. I can easily find a pineapple, but the idea to peeling it skin, chopping and processing just make me loosing my appetite for baking. At the end, I found a stall on the farmers market that sell homemade Pineapple Jam. When I opened the jar, the pineapple not kind of mixture with smooth consistency, like the regular pineapple jam found in Indonesia.

Took me 4 hours to do it. From mixed all ingredients and baking it. I found salvage from my baby food grinder to smoother the pineapple jam, become smooth mixture that I am after. After 4 hours plus another hour to clean up my kitchen ( I started around 7pm and finished at midnight, what a day…), it left me with 2 big jars of cookies, one jar of Nastar and another jar of –I don’t know what I should calling it, I just created something out of my imagination- Fingers Jams cookies.

And my back killing me. But there is payback time, when I saw my son enjoy the cookies, since the first batch came out from oven. My husband can’t stop nibbling it. My mission done.

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koeaing4all said...

Well..well..well...this lil aunty is an expert for almost everything.....and now she's making a nastar lampung selatan cookies ?

i wonder what else you got aunty ? a nuclear factory ?

The smaller body doesn't always reflect the small ability, that's for sure !


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