Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flies & Dress

I love spring. Warm and beautiful day. Not summer. Summer is to hot for me. Now, spring has come. September used to starts to warm. Bye-bye winter. But not this year. It just started to warm 2 days ago. Not really warm though, from chill & windy day carried over from winter, mercury jumped straight to 36 degrees yesterday. Damn hot. Feels like summer. It’s all because bushfire.

The most annoying thing for me on spring –and summer- is the flies. Can’t really free from the flies. These flies love humans. In Indonesia, flies are different. They only come close to food. Or rubbish. Here, they seem hated food, only after human. Not a strange view if you saw people walking with their hand busy waving in front of their face. They called it: Australia Salute. The more you go inland –to the bush- , the drier the place, the more the flies. There is such thing called anti-flies lotion. Kind of anti-mosquito thing in Indonesia (remember Autan?). I just don’t like to spread them onto my skin. I don’t like the smell of it.

For my friend, this spring is different story. Especially for my male friend. Flies don’t bother them. The way girls dressed that worries them. With this warm sunny day, seem every single girls – or women in every age- they met, dressed with tank tops, mini skirts, and short pants. And these days, still Ramadan. Fasting month for Moslem. They said, it’s not that hard to keep their appetite for food or craving for ice tea lying down. But sometimes it is hard to keep their eyes shut when there are girls with mini-skimpy-sexy dresses around. Hoo-ha…isn’t that one of the purpose of fasting in Ramadan? Control yourself, including from these entire mini-skimpy-sexy-dresses thing? They agreed me, but hard still.

Welcome to spring 2007, mate :)

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