Sunday, November 18, 2007

Are these lovely houses does exist?

I haven’t been cleaning up my house since like the last 10 days. My husband did vacuuming though – which is helped- . Not because we’re too lazy –even though we always do big chores like vacuuming only on weekend- but we’ve been very busy lately. So, I tried to do just bit of cleaning this morning, and it’s seems I’ve done nothing –comparing between what left to do with things that has been done-. Still got everything everywhere.

Our apartment is quite moderate. Not too small, not too big, with 2 bedrooms we kind of get the best for it’s price performance. Since the arrival of the newest family member, it does feel bit small for four of us. I started to feel that once we pick something from some place it’s never came back to its place supposed to be.

I am a keen interior designer, and now I start to question my faith about all the lovely pictures of home interior on the magazines. Are there really people who can keep their house look as good as it in the picture without sacrificing?

As I know the answer myself, that there are NEVER a place or a house will always looks neat and clean and tidy all the time –especially if you have a child, or two, or three-. But it is still annoy me. I decided to find the answer from couple of friend’s works in the same field as me.

Friend 1; one kid :
Same as me. Everything everywhere

Friend 2; three kids :
At least same as me, worst most of the time

Friend 3; two kids, one husband who never helps with house-chores:
Find that house on the magazines are just on her dream; vanished in one snap once she wake up in her real life, in her own bedroom with dirty laundries on the corner of her bedroom.

I have come to conclusion about it. With my effort to survey (ok, only 3 friends which you might say cannot represent what the public might say, at least they are interior designer), it is very hard to keep our house neat and tidy and clean. I’m quite sure, if I surveys more moms, the will answer the same.

So if we can’t keep our place clean and neat and tidy, why we would’ve always bought the magazines about interior? Are we just trying to make ourselves feeling good when we starring at all of the pictures of beautiful houses, lovely rooms, because we couldn’t create one in our own house? And file them for inspiration in the future –just in case we have time to do room makeover-?

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Anonymous said...

Bu Ayu, inget aku kan, selma, ih.. aku tadi buka2 blog, eh ketemu blognya, seneng deh baca-baca. Ramya lucu abist yak.., putih yak. foto-fotonya tambah dung Bu, foto Ramanya jauh amat. Eh... kok baru melahirkan sudah kurus lagi sih...
aku juga lagi buat blog neh, tapi udah hampir 2 bulan, gak jadi juga..
hehehe gak niat kali ya, Pak Tatok lagi ke Indo ya..
salam buat semua

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