Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Runaway PAPER

I woke up with horror. 13 of November. Time flies. And today is the last day to return my application for her Daycare next year. And I haven’t done it yet. After morning ritual –bath the kids, breakfast, scrapping out all dishes- I was frantically looking for the document. I looked up on my document keeper. None! Okay…hold on, it might just slip on my bedside drawers. I read it few nights ago. After pile of papers, no sight of this very important document. I tried to get some help from my husband. I know he was busy –he always busy; and lately he just very very busy. Did I exaggerated?-. “You might put them on your file folder” he said with eyes still on the computer, trying to sort of his gigantic data for his research. I looked into my file folder. Unloaded it. Searched one by one. Still nothing!

Next minute, I heard very familiar sound. My daughter tearing off the papers that I stacked next to me, on the carpet. I was to busy I was not even hear she was coming, crawling so fast, and sat behind me, on the top of all these papers.

“No…no…no…no….ooooh…you are so not doing it,” I tried to hijacked the paper from her tiny hands, she fought, and she happened to plough small piece into her mouth. Great!

I started to feel desperate. Almost midday, no progress, my daughter ripped and ate a quarter of phone bill (Thank God, it’s been paid) –and managed to spitted it out on the carpet; another works to do-. And to added more nausea, I found another pile of treasures, letters that needs prompt action –which supposed to action weeks ago-.

Poor Ayu. I started to pity myself. The funniest thing was: I did some course on how to manage bills and paperwork, how to sort them and how to do everything in order. I even bought myself a book about organizing your junk –papers and bills- and get it done. They said it’s easy. I just need to discipline and do it regularly (Of course you would say it is easy when you want to sell your book or your course, wouldn’t you?). No hints or tricks works. It’s all disappearing into the thin air.

Since I have nobody to blame but myself (I responsible for all of the bills and paperwork from our children’s school), I stupidly came up with the idea to ring the Daycare, asking for another piece of application form, pretending that we haven’t got the paper. Some angels on my mind try to remind me that this trick won’t work because the Daycare’s admin could ask me about me knowing that today is the last day while I haven’t got the application before. The others keep telling me –I think these not the angels, must be the devils of my mind- that this is the only way I can get the form, and not loosing the daycare seat that I fought since I was three months pregnant.

And the devils won. I grabbed my phone; take a deep breath, dialing the Daycare numbers, and sit down patiently on the sofa, waiting someone on the other side to pick up the line. When someone pick up the line, in the same second I saw very familiar document lay behind our TV – on the TV bench-. THE DOCUMENT. The application form that makes me sacrifices my whole morning after it.

I quickly hang up before I get into trouble. Before I have to say ‘hallo’. Not a good manner though, but I don’t think they would know me if they did not speak to me. If they had caller ID tracker, I could be in to trouble. But, let just assume they don’t have it. And the most important thing: I found it. Maybe, I meant to ring them to find this document. Everything always happen for a reason, doesn’t it?

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Um Ibrahim said...

Salam kenal,

Dpt blognya dari milis femina, paling sebel emang kalo lupa naro sesuatu ya, inget-tapi gak tau dimana... :)

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