Sunday, December 25, 2011

Traveler tummy

I've been tortured by diarrhea in the past few days with bathroom sprint inclusive. Traveler diarrhea I may call it, as it's not only me who got the bugs but my husband also, and we traveled out of Jakarta last week. We consciously eating local food we rarely ate, assuming after three years live in Indonesia our tummies are adjusting well. Apparently, is not.

I got the luxury to stay at home -completely at home- in the past couple of days so this tummy trouble thing seems not a big deal. When it comes to unavoidable event today -a friend wedding reception- I went out with worry. How if it will kick me during the reception? Or how if we trap on traffic when my tummy calling in?

Fortunately, things I worried most did not happen.
Not without sacrificed, as I had to say no to myself every time I looked into array  of great foods on the reception. Our friend happen to be from Padang, and the traditional food from West Sumatra definitely present.  Dendeng Balado never looked so good. I force  myself to say goodbye to Dendeng Balado. It was disappointing. 

Lesson well learn for me, for never push myself off my limit -in term of eating-   , that the consequences are hard to bear (read: tummy cramps and bloating). Suddenly I remember the day I tease my expat friend when she got spice-shock with Indonesian food. What goes around, comes around -I guessed-. 
For you my bule friend, if you read this, I sincerely apologize for my misbehavior in the past  :-(

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