Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project "Nasi Kuning"

It was not the first time I made Nasi Kuning, but it is a very first time my son, Big R helping me with all the preparation.
It was not in grande-scale of nasi Kuning. We only did a bit of 'verkadel or perkedel' -a tiny fried potato ball-,sliced omelet, beef shredded and cucumber playing part on salad side. We left original sambal goreng and fried chicken away. Fresh Parsley and slices of red-chilli balancing the colors just perfect.

His school had an event called "United Nation Evening" last Friday, and we decided to share our nasi kuning side by side with other food our fellow Indonesian brought on Indonesia Booth.

With his birthday was 2 days away, it is a great reason to share the joy with the whole school. Having it's history, Nasi Kuning was always a winner for Big R.

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