Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blame it on the rain

Blame it on the rain

"Sorry mam, the gate closed and the aircraft moving already."

This trip intended to be a short trip for me, 2days and 1 night, to visit my mum that undergo small surgery recently. I completely aware this is holiday season, so I opt for cheapest flight -that not so cheap anyway on holiday season- and choose earliest outbond flight to Semarang. Flight was 5.40, with previous experienced traveling early, I assume 4.30 start from home buy me enough time.

I miscalculated the rain and how it affected the traffic. And roadworks just inside the airport. Needless to say, 15minutes extra I spent inside my taxi cost me an extra $200 from ticket price I already paid on the net - for getting two new tickets for next available flight. That the price I initially refused to pay as I thought it is to pricey for such a short trip.

Never happened in my life before I missed my flight. 5.25 arrived on the airport, getting rejected on check-in desk, frantic phone call to my pilot-cousin, texted my husband -with my shaking hand, you bet, and I believe I just gave him early minute headache before work- then sprints from one tiket counter to another tried to get next available flight, with no result.

As my husband told me last night, I haven't been traveling with my kids only for a while. He kept asking to make sure that I got all prepare and kept saying that I need more practice -he thought I'm getting rusty with all this flying thing.

Oh well.
Here I am now, with my daughter that super cool -she had no complain at all, all they way I dragged her here and there to process the ticket- ; on waiting lounge, and will be here for another 3hours at least.

Bad luck really cost a lot.


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lisana icha said...

wow, really some experience there, tante ayu! i know how it feels to fly again after a long time. but i hope i never experience the same thing :(

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