Friday, April 11, 2008

Honey-soy Chicken

Serve 4-5

You need:
*1 kg of Chicken Drummettes (about 10-14 pieces)
*1/2 cup of dark soy sauce
*1/2 cup of honey
*3 garlic cloves minced
*flour for dusting

How to:
Mix soy sauce and honey on heated pan on medium heat. When it dissolve and mixed, add minced garlic, stir until mix well, turn off the heat
Pre-heat the oven. 180C for 10 minutes
Dust drummetttes with flour, arrange in baking tray
Pour honey-soy mixture on to drummettes, spread evenly
Bake for about 45-60 minutes until golden brown. Turned it over once when halfway cook if necessary
Ready to serve

Indonesian kecap manis goes very well and could be use instead of dark soy sauce
Honey-soy drummettes can be serve with plain rice, fried rice, brown rice, or pasta and vegetables with mayonnaise dressing

1 comment:

Widya D. Setyawati said...

Mbak Ayu,
Hmmmm yumm.... it looks so tasty and delicious, the important thing is easy to cook :)
I'm going to try this ya Mbak.

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