Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goodbye my Maxtor….

Life is always unpredictable, full of surprise on every corner you turn off. Good things happened, bad things happened more often.

I had to say goodbye to my Maxtor today. Its life ended 2 nights ago, when I couldn’t access every-single-file I stored on it. I tried to kept calm, took a deep breath and tried again and again. After dozen of clicks attempt, and I seem lost connection with my best friend for the last 2 years, I called for rescue.

You know, women these days had very advance and sophisticated gadget, even state-of-the-art gadget. When it comes to service failure, most of women will came to this stages: panic attack –not knowing what to do, can’t thing clearly for next step-; tried to unplug-and plug all the cords; gave up ; calling for rescue. I experienced all those stages. When it came to rescue, I tried to tell my husband carefully, not only I don’t want to bother him checking my computer on 11pm that night –I wish, though, deep inside my though- but more like I was afraid I can’t face the reality if he does checking, that my external hard-disk called Maxtor had decide to froze itself.

Hard to accepted, bitter to swallowed, but it’s so true that after Z checked my Maxtor, it doesn’t work. I smiled –nervously- and said: ok, I sort them out tomorrow.

No need to wait until tomorrow, Z quickly googled some data recovery-company, and found one that look promising.

So, this afternoon I traveled 30km north with Z and Maxtor on his bag, meet this data-recovery guy, and I had to listed all of my most important file on the hard-disk. Most important ? Everything is important, of course. All those photos from our travels, my son photos since he was born 5.5years ago, my daughter photos from the last 1 year, and all of data for my online-shop, to name a few. Could I decide which one I want to recover first? Of course I can’t!

I still have to wait for final news from this guy. He dropped us an e-mail explaining what happened –about the data was corrupted, and so on and so on- and we agreed to pay him to recover all the data. Not cheap though.

I should learn not to put every-single-data without back-up on one place. I should stored some copies virtually. Or I should back to the era that put everything on writing on my notepad is much much better way.

For now, I just have to wait, and wait, and wait. For 4 until 8 days.

Bye Maxtor. Wish me luck.

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