Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rules are created to.....

There are 2 rules when you go to dentist –or you can say there are my rules, I’m ok with that-.First, don’t put your lipstick on, it is useless, he or she not going to look on your pretty lip or your perfect shade, he will look at your worst part inside your month which doesn’t need lipstick. So, again, it is useless. Waste your lipstick and your time to apply it.
Second rule is, don’t make appointment to close to lunch time, like 15 minutes before lunch for example –except you’re in emergency and this 15 minutes really worth to fight for.

I consciously breaking these rules last time I visited my dentist. Reason for breaking the second rule mainly because I change my appointment time, nothing left but 11.45. Take it or leave it. Since I really need this appointment, I took it.
For the first rules, the reason just plain silly. I forgot that I went to dentist, not out for shopping. So, complete make-up was on, one minute walked from home, suddenly I remember that I’m going to dentist, and wasting my lipstick. Great.

My appointment took about 1.5 hours –which was quite long and tiring; I have to kept my mouth open for 1.5 hours, remember?-. So after about 1 hour in constant yawning-style (this including couple of minutes falling asleep; yes, I sometimes fall asleep while the dentist worked inside my mouth), my tummy started to felt hungry. When the hungriness stroke peaked, I can’t really help to stop my tummy for made such a beautiful noise. You know that. Noise from tummy when you really want some food. I tried to change my sitting position, doesn’t really help, my tummy kept the action.

I’m sure my dentist noticed it. I can see he was smiling behind his mask. He too, can’t run away from the same tragedy to be occurred. One minute on, I can hear the familiar sound, right into my right ear, and I know exactly where it is come from.

When my dentist finished with all the treatment, he booked me for next session with his receptionist. “Oh, and please, don’t put her long appointment next to lunch time. She’ll hungry and she’ll pass it to me,” he said with big grin on his face.

Good point, doctor!

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