Monday, March 24, 2008

A girl venture to find best web hosting company….

I met my girlfriend yesterday. Not met ‘met’ but kind of meeting through internet, armed with web cam and microphone. And we talked and talked and talked, as if we sit face to face on a coffee shop.

She told me about one project she having at this moment, building her personal website –she works as a personal trainer for people wants to loose weight or stay fit, she needs her profile to be reachable so people will use her service-. She told me her ventured from one site to another, looking for the best web hosting company, web designer and best support she could get.

De javu? Yep, I felt de javu. Not only I’ve been through what she told me, also I’m still working on it to. Building my online shop from scratch.

I told her that I’m with Site Ground and I’m happy with what I get, so far –I got my domain for free without being overpaying- ; and I choose this web hosting company after I ventured from one to another sites –just like her- ; compare them, asked hundreds of people owned website about their hosting company, and that was the result.

She said she will check this hosting company. Nor because she didn’t believe me or she wants to spare her time do what I did, she just likes to check everything before act. I suddenly remember there is someone who blog about this thing, about best web hosting company. He researched and pulled some information from many web hosting company, and he made a simple list, so people can look and check themselves if anything they can use –doooh…he must’ve been living and breathing the same air with his computer for doing this, imagining there are so many web hosting company these days-.

After hours of talked and laughed –and tears- ,my girlfriend dropped me an e-mail this afternoon, saying that she been out there checking and the blog I recommended to her is very useful, although my web hosting company not listed on this blog. At least, save her time for not to do comparison herself. Good grieve for her.

Now, I can’t wait to see her personal website.

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