Saturday, March 29, 2008


We participated on Earth Hour 2008, which finished just about 2 hours ago. We were living lightless for an hour – 8pm to 9pm- without any appliances but fridge running –I can’t sacrifice my fridge just yet- . We had a candle lights dinner, not kind of fancy candle lights dinner –we just had pizza and canoli gelato for dessert-, and we quite enjoy it.

The next thirty minutes we found ourselves busy chat on the couch. Seems like everyday live, only this time with frangipani and lemongrass-scented candle all around our lounge. What else we could do better than chat? And last time I remember did something like this, it was more than six months ago when we had experiencing our first –and only, I hope- electricity blackout because of power-pole failure. We chat everyday. But it’s always one of us chat while doing something, not on the relax mode.

Do we felt good for doing this earth hour? We did. Not only because we enjoy the candle lights pizza dinner or being proud for joining this-become-global-campaign, merely because we can teach our son about this Earth Hour, and why we did it.

I found someone forwarded the article about Earth Hour on one of mailing list I joined. She urged everyone to follow this path, to turn off the lights and appliance and kind of disconnecting with everything electric for an hour. What made me thinking is –sorry, I’m not being cynical here- if she lived in Indonesia, which you get electricity blackout quite often, not only for an hour but like for hours, you did taking part a bit saving the earth from more global warning without you really plan for being electricity disconnect. It’s more like you had no choice. And again –excuse me for being frankly here- Indonesia is not sole country that causing this global warming problem. There are more countries that took bigger slice on this problem.

Enough politics, though.

Just go to the best part, we looking forward to do it again –especially my son- don’t have to wait for next year Earth Hour, another candle-lights-pizza-dinner could be anytime soon.

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