Monday, March 31, 2008

Once upon a morning...

10. 16 Am. On the way to city….

My mobile buzzing, from Mrs. X, old friend of mine. We will meet at the city on 10.30.
“Sorry dear, I might be late. How if we make, let say…11am?”

I text her back. “That’s ok. C u @ Jets Café”. Send.

10.45am; Jets Cafe
I still had 15 minutes; I decided to write whatever pops on my head.

11.03Am. Buzzzz….another text message. Mrs. X again. “Can u call me, please.I’m out of credit”.

Hmmm….I felt something doesn’t right.

I rang her, just to find out that she still home –or her hotel, precisely- and said that she thinks she couldn’t make it; her child is upset with her. And she asked to come over.

What? Come over to her place, across the bridge? Forget it.

I just say no. I tried to say as politely as possible. Not only it’s far away, I also had other things to do at the city. Had to pick up something and meet someone. There is no way I can do it –and I won’t-.

She still insisted –asked me to come in- and she doesn’t care if it will be just 30 minutes chat. I kept saying I can’t and tried to explain my reason. It will take me about 40-60 minutes to get to her place, and another 60 minutes journey back to city, and another 30minutes from City to my home.

I am cranky. Not only I’m in the city this early and I did sacrificed other things I can do at home this morning, just to get here on time. But more like the way she told me in the last minutes, and even asked me to come over –as if her place just in the neighborhood.

I’m honoring our-will-be-meeting. With the fact that she lived in Melbourne and we haven’t been meet since like 10 years ago –since I graduated from Uni- I tried to be a good host, with coming early to this place just to save her from unfamiliarity with the city and this building.

I am very cranky now!

I decided to had another cup of coffee -thanks God I’m the one who choose this meeting point, the coffee is good – and started to think about her excuse.

I am mother of two. My second is younger than her. I’ve been through a lot with my first –he is 5years now-. Her excuse is her kid doesn’t want to go, and this kid was angry because mommy ask her (or him?) to go to meet mommy friend, and she gave her mommy ‘angry face’ for like –forever- an hour as she told me. How come you –as the mother- can’t persuade 1.5years old to do or get her with you, and I can’t believe a 1.5years old can put that angry face for so long?

There are might be another issue she doesn’t want to tell me, I guess.

Anyway, here I am now, 11.20am, with a cup of vanilla latte accompany me, and borrowed pen from a very kind waiter –yup, I really want to share this to you, and my pen boycotting me-.

Oh well. Just have to see the positive perspective from this matter. This must be a good time for me just to do some shopping –personal shopping- alone, and spoil myself.

It meant to be.

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