Monday, March 17, 2008

From "Vantage Point" to Gado-gado

Ever wondering, what this "Vantage Point" correlation with Gado-gado?"
Vantage Point" as you might know is movie title, screening at cinema at the moment. Which we decided to go and watched it today -after years never been stepping into cinema- in the cinema on one of the Shopping Centre close to our place.
And after 15 minutes waiting inside the cinema, pouring half bottle of water into my thirsty throat, they announced that they had problems with the projector and had to cancel the movie due this problem. They gave us complimentary tickets and refunded our money, but that wasn't make us felt better. Our switched back our bad mood.
Took us 3 days to decide that this Monday is worth to sacrifice for movie. Don't start to raise your eyebrows, I know you must've been thinking that we're weird -for taking 3 days just to decided something simple like, go to cinema-. And the joy of walking inside yet waiting for the movie to be screen, blown in like five seconds.
So, why gado-gado?As you also aware that gado-gado is an Indonesian Mixed Salad with peanut dressing. Gado-gado is also a word in Bahasa Indonesia to describing of something mix. That also describe our mix feeling when we had to walk out from Cinema, knowing we have no second plan to spend the morning, and wandering around the Shopping Centre will only make us do more impulse shopping.
At the end, we opt for going home, and stopped by in one of Indonesian restaurant for lunch.
Our lunch menu: Gado-gado.

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