Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weight it now, or you’ll miss your flight

One month on, since we arrived back here in Sydney, and I managed to unpack our fifth-last- luggage. When I did this big task, I remember something. Not funny but memorable.

We spent one night in Jogjakarta, in one chain hotel located in downtown Jogja. With their chain across the globe, we felt we in the perfect place for quick overnight rest before fly to Bali the following day.

On the next morning, we busy packed our luggage’s –as I mentioned before, we had 5 luggage’s- and with last minutes shopping for gifts and some Indonesian snacks foods, we were hopeless to see our luggage’s was nothing but full. Considering the airline regulation about maximum weight for every bag and luggage, we searching for help. We want to make sure nothing over 30kilograms and everything under control. FYI, we’ve been through trouble once with over 30kgs luggage’s and resulted in we had to buy a new bag in airport, unpack that big fat bag into the new bag. We don’t want to repeat the horror.

The Guest Relation Officer can’t be much help when we request for body-scale, to weight our luggages. She suggested us to pack just as minimum as we can, so it won’t be overweight. And that not the answer we expected from GRO when it comes to guest request. On the other word, she suggested me to left some of my belonging behind. Great.

On the second time I contacted her, I asked about body-scale on the Gym –this hotel had a quite good Gym- and she not recommend it as the Gym was closed for one day for maintenance. Again, she couldn’t suggest anything in sense. With time started flying, we started to worry. And irritated with GRO answer.

I contacted her again, and now I pleaded her to help me to solve the problem. What is the problem with allowing guest to weight their luggage’s on the Gym, while every GRO’s in every hotel in the world would do anything to please their guest, as long as the request is in sense? Even my GRO friend works in 5 star hotel in Jakarta chased vegemite on 2am for her guest because they couldn’t eat breakfast without it. So, is it that hard to find one body-scale –a bathroom body-scale might cost them about Rp.100.000, - each, and they always can keep it handy for the future, right?-

At the end, she was throwing the ball to the On Duty Manager. Apparently, our simple request was the first request ever on such this matter. She allowed us to use their scale on the Gym –with the bellboy help of course- and case closed.

As we thought, one of our luggage was overweight, we got bit extra time to unpacked-and-packed to another luggage, but I’m still not happy with the service. Took us a whole morning -3.5 hours to be specific- to solve this problem.

For next travel, we might bring our own scale, for sure.

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