Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tears allowed....

Today is my son 7th day at Kindergarten. He seems blend quite well with his new environment, make friends, and enjoy ‘big school’ as he always said. It’s been very hectic week for me, with my daughter also starting her new ‘life’ on Daycare.

As he found new friends –even got birthday invitation for next week- , I makes friends with some of the mothers who their children are in the same room with my son. Quite contrary, my son found new friends on his happy kindergarten classroom, I made friend with other mums on what we called ‘sobbing room’ – that actually a hall which some mums spent their morning sobbing together, on their children 1st day at school-.
And you know that I’m one of them.

We –mum- never be ready for our children first things, I guess. Like 1st time they start walking, 1st day of school –which school could mean kindergarten, primary school, high school, or maybe even University; so kind of tears every couple of years or so- or any other first occasion. It hit me hard then, on that morning 7 days ago when I saw my son dressed proudly in his new uniform, new bag pack and new shoes. I hold my tears seeing him walked confidently to his teacher, asked for his name tag. I am proud of him, and on the other side, I felt I don’t want him to grow up so quickly, so I can hug and hold his hand all the times. And I’m not the only mum who feels that way.

The Kindergarten itself –teachers, principal, and staffs- did some effortless thing to make us – sobbing mums club- feel comfortable. They provided one of their halls for us to sit, have a cup of tea and some biscuit, and heaps of tissues to helped mums stand on their feet. There was a big sign inside the hall: “have a cuppa, and don’t worry about tissue. We got plenty”.

Tears allowed, mums. Happy sobbing.

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