Friday, February 8, 2008

Extra money does(not) come easy

I thought it will be easy to back to work to my old job, after my kids were going to School and Daycare. The reality was hard. Since I have bills to pay, and holding ‘casual staff’ badge from the workplace doesn’t help.

So when one of old friend recommended me to try this website, I couldn’t agree more. It’s called Smorty, a blog advertising network that helps advertiser or website owner advertise on blogs. I’m not an advertiser, of course. But there are lines that catch my eyes: get paid for blogging; blog for money.

Whoa, who don’t want extra money?

Its looks simple, I mean I just have to sign up here and they send me list of websites I have to review. And get paid to blog. So why not trying? My friend told me it might take about 5-7 days from the day we sign up to get our blog approved (ups, I forgot to mention, you have to had a blog to became reviewer), and we get a list of the websites. In fact, it’s only took 24 hours for me to get the notification e-mail that my blog is approved and I can start working with the list they provided.

So, I just start now. Its looks fine so far. Not easy, it would need quite consistency to write a good and un-prejudice nor overrated kind of feedback. But I always wanted to be a writer. It might open my door. Once I submit, I’ll see what happen.

Finger cross.

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