Friday, February 1, 2008

Odong-odong is a new Merry-Go-Round

When I was in Solo, my eyes catched another interested object : traditional Merry-go-round, as local called it Odong-Odong.

It's very similar with usual merry-go-round, only this simple version -if we may called it simple- had only at least 3 wooden horses or cars or anything kids can ride on it, and works with human power, no such thing like electricity. The operator just had to kicked the pedal along -like pedalling a becak- and this odong-odong will moving around.
Parents just have to spend about Rp.2000,- (approx 25cent in Australia Dollar) for one go, which about 5 minutes. Enough to make their kids happy without spending a fortune.
Very good invention.
(Odong-odong, with 2 aeroplanes on background. Quite contrast. Human power, traditional and simple vs human technology, modern and full of precission)

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