Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Organic Piggybank

Inspired by Sydney Slow Guide Book, we –me & my husband Zi- decided to do our own slow and joy guide around Sydney. Time flies, we had less than 6 months here, and sooo many places we always wants to visit.

Our first destination last week was one of the Organic Shop in Bondi Junction –about 20 minutes by bus from our place- called Macro Wholefood. We passed this shop couple of times and we always wanted to stop by.

This shop, divided into 2 sections, Greengrocer & Café. We started from the Café which serving organic food, organic breakfast and –of course- organic coffee. Breakfast was good. I ordered buckwheat pancakes with strawberries compote poured all over, sweet and yummy, and Z went for scramble tofu –yes, tofu- with organic rye bread toasted plus salad.

The winner? The coffee. We agreed to add their coffee on our ‘Best Coffee around Sydney’ list.

As I expected, groceries price from their greengrocer is bit expensive. I know when people walks into the organic shop, they understand that they have to pay more (and deep down inside they cursing the prices when stacking groceries into their shopping bag). With fruits or veggies, I can’t say anything. Hard to compare with non-organic shop. But for ‘dry food’ as noodles, or even cereals, I found the same products on small specialty shops or health stores about 1-2 dollar cheaper. And for this saving you have to walk from one shop to another, which may cost your leg, not to mention cost for coffee and cakes between those shops. So, fair enough for the sake of convenience.

Oh, yes. About the Piggybank.
Instead of usual stick-with-table-number-attached-on-top- things, the gives customer this green piggybank with number written on her head as table number. So if the customer wants to spare their money for tips, just insert it on this piggybank. Stare free from staff behind the register. Don’t have to deal with embarrassing moment if the only money left for tip is 20cents. Isn’t that great idea?

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Rina Rinso said...

kalo di indonesia piggy bank gitu bisa raib kali ya hehehe secara sandal dan sepatu aja bisa hilang dari depan rumahku :(

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