Monday, February 18, 2008

My Monday

Thanks God it’s Monday!

After 2 days running around, kicking and screaming, tried to take care of everything around the house while the kids happily scattered their Lego everywhere –literally everywhere from balcony to bathroom-; it is a big relief to had kids back to school today. I started to feel I love Monday, and I can have lounge room, bathroom and bedroom all for myself.

And back to business.

It’s been a while I wanted to build new website for my new online shop. My target is the end of this month. All products are ready to upload and sell, but not the shop. Since so many players in this World Wide Web, always bit confusing to choose which the best one. Oke, not the best, at least can accommodate my needs. FYI, I am not good at all with these IT-things.

I landed on Ashop Commerce, who does e-commerce software and offers a complete solution for merchant to sell online. They are in Australia, which is good, local. Their website is clear and easy to follow. What I need is shopping cart software, so I just follow their step by step instruction, submitted for 10 days trial, and gotcha! Got my dummy website in a flash. Looks good. Easy to manage and add or change the content, or even layout as they had quite a lot of template.

Half way re-designed my ‘website’, I got the first hurdle. There are no Indonesia Rupiah on their currency list. One of the most important things I need for my online shop (I plan to sell everything in IDR, based in Indonesia).

I contacted Customer Support, answer came within minutes. Quick response, even though I did not get the answer I want. They can’t add IDR. What a shame. I’m bit disappointed, after get excited about my website will be launch soon. I’m even managed to register a domain with their affiliate company, here in Australia. I was thinking, if everything based here, will be easy to manage. It supposed.
Now, it kind of setback again, I have to swim around again in this big pool of WWW to find another company. So, I had to say goodbye to my shopping cart for now.

All of sudden, I felt I don’t like Monday anymore (sigh…)

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