Sunday, February 17, 2008


We supposed to attend a birthday party. We ended eating garlic prawns.

After week of constant raining, the sight of sun pumped new energy for us to go out. And my son got a birthday invitation from his new kindergarten friend (mind you, he only been to kindergarten for 12 days, 3 birthday parties already). So, we went to the venue, a playing ground called Lollipop Play land on Moore Park. The only thing that bothers me is the party time, which stretched from 1pm to 5pm.

Since the beginning, I told my son I don’t really want to stay that long, 15 minutes presumably long enough (good mom, huh?). I just can’t stand the noise, constant happy screaming from kids whiles they running around, or their coffee. That’s it. So, I told him that we will only handed the birthday present, make up story for an excuse for leaving early, and heading to the city for great lunch.

Instead of went to city, we got stranded around this playground –Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park-. Once I’m out from Lollipop, I felt massive headache caused by very confusing conversation between me and birthday boy’s mom (and this boy cannot stop screaming every time his mom moved an inch away from him!). Oh, and another things, I haven’t met this boy before, neither his mom. Every time I asked my son –Rama- about him when I dropped or picked him up from school, I never saw his presence. Sometimes the devil though inside me said he doesn’t exist. No wonder it was very hard to find him, or his mom, even though they’re all wore a big badges and birthday boy/birthday boy’s mom written on it.

Ok, back to my headache, that so severe I profusely rejected my husband idea to off to city just for lunch. Too much. My empty tummy cannot wait any longer, the more I wait for food, the more the headache. So we wandering around the show ring area with Saturday Farmers Market inside it, and beautifully organic fruits or vegetables or food from around the world displayed. Very tempting. Until we saw on the very end of the market isle, there are kind of small wooden bar table with quite classy wooden barstools under black small marquee displayed “Garlic Prawns, Chorizos and Salsas”.

We are garlic prawns lover.
What would be better rather than prawns to cure my headache?

As we sat on the stools, we saw kind of medium size BBQ stove (or grill or whatever you want to called it) and prawns and prawns and chorizos being cooked on it. When the chef splashy added the sauce, the smell of the sauce spread thinly to the air, we couldn’t resist the prawns.

Only in less than 10 minutes, our order was deliver. 3 garlic prawns coated in generous homemade salsa sauce accompany with bread rolls. The prawns served on small metal-I soufflĂ©-I bowl with pair of handle (gosh, I don’t know how to describe it…), putting above an ellipse shape wooden plate as the base. Looked beautiful, tasted fantastic! And they don’t do any cheap-ordinary drink like coke or ice tea (ok, coke or ice teas not cheap...) instead they stocked bottles water and San Pellegrino Sparkling Flavored water. Perfect. Flushed away my headaches.

Later on, I chatted with one of the girl who served the food (I suspecting she is the brain behind this yummy food) about the sauce, and she told me she grew up with this sauce on her homeland in Canary Island (firstly I was thinking this place must be close to Spain-as they speak Spanish during cooking – and must be full of Canaries. I proved myself completely wrong when I googled it later on. In fact, this island next to Africa, and was Spain colony). We liked the Salsa sauce too, and decided to buy one small jar. She didn’t have to convince us, the sauce and prawns speak for it.

At the end, another surprised when I only pay about $46 fro 3 garlic prawns –with heaps of prawns, not like in our favorite Italian restaurant which only 5 prawns swum in a bowl for $15. I shouldn’t compare, they different though- 3 San Pellegrino drink and 1 jar of sauce.


PS: As written in the sauce jar, Mojo means Passion…hmmmm….

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