Friday, February 29, 2008

How come plastic bags can ruin your day?

I live with everything has to be carefully planned. Especially my everyday routine since waking up in the morning. Like what I wants (or have) to do every single day, morning until midnight. Or what cloths I have to put on my daughter for daycare, or which shoe or bag will match with my outfit for certain activity. Or even what I have to do today, tomorrow, following day, the day after, next week (this all including the matching bags, shoes, and outfit).

Call me boring, or robot-alike, whatever it is, it doesn’t mean I don’t like impulse needs to swing from my planning.
But sometime, when you do something less planned, it will end with chaos, disaster or cost you extra –whatever the extras-.

Like today.
I wasn’t plan to shopping for groceries. After I dropped my daughter, I just felt I don’t really want to go home. So, shopping is the option. Not ‘shopping’ shopping, it more likes groceries shopping. Stacked extra things for weekend.

And –of course- because it was impulse shopping, I left my shopping list stick on my fridge door. On the way to shopping centre, I tried to picture that paper and remembering what on the list. Failed to do so, I decided to have a coffee -once I arrived at the Shopping Centre- and thinking about calling my husband to read the list. Not a good idea though, but rather than wandering around buying something I don’t need and missed important items, I took the risk. Rang him, and problem solved.

I was happily shopping until I’m ready to check out and suddenly realized I had no bag. Yes, I didn’t bring any cloth bags. Just one small that always handy inside my bag pack.
This is what happened when I went shopping without planning!

Since I promised myself not to buy more cloth bags – I had heap of it, I kept forget to bring some bags and ended with bought more and more- I tried to struggled with about 10 plastic bags. And there are no supermarket plastic bags in the world that doesn’t blister your palm’s skin.

Promise is promise.

I survived though, came home safe and sound. The only downside was my journey took 15 minutes longer than usual –thanks to constant stopping- because of my blistered palm.

And now, I swear to break my promise next time I forget to bring those bags. It cost my palm for $4 saving, and another $50 for takeaway food for dinner, because my palm is too hurt to cooking dinner.

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