Friday, February 1, 2008

Little girl early step

One of the events our parent organizes in Solo is a ceremony for our daughter, called ‘Tedhak Siti’. As in Javanese, Tedhak Siti means the first or early steps for little one who showing the sign of capability for walks. Some Indonesian called it ‘Turun Tanah’.

On this event, she had to step onto 7 ‘Jadah’ – a traditional cake made from sticky rice- which been colored in 7 different color, each represent one major thing reachable in life, such as yellow for wealthy, red for courage, and there are brown,green,white and so on.

After stepping into Jadah, she had to climb small ladder made from sugar cane which represent of hopes for her sweet life toward. On the top of ladder, there is a tiny chair, which she had to sit there for a couple of minute, as she will have best time of her life.

I was nervous on that day. She is very different with Rama –my son, her brother-. When we did Tedhak Siti for Rama, it wasn’t quite early in the morning, so he was just waked up from his morning nap, fresh and happy through the ceremony. This time, the ceremony started at 9am which was her morning nap time. I tried to feed her breakfast early, hoping she would fall asleep afterwards and wake up fresh. It didn’t happen. With guest started arriving about 8.30am, she get excited to see many people around. When my mum & dad came in, she even happier.

So when the ceremony just about to begin, she fall asleep. We had to wake her up just after 10 minutes nap. She was cranky at first. She feels disturbed. We washed her feet for the start, she started to cheer up. She saw my face, my husband face, and her brother face. She must feel safe.

Everything went smoothly, thank God, Alhamdulillah. She stepped happily onto Jadah, climbed the sugar cane ladder quickly, and sat on the chair with smile on her face. She even looked around to all guest, smile –politely as a princess- and when the guest all smiling and waving at her, she start clapped her hand. Super duper funny and cute. Melted all my nervous down.

When it’s came to following ceremony, which she had to sit inside very big cage (and me too…don’t try imagining, the cage absolutely to small for two of us altogether) and there was a tray with bit of pieces like jewellery, book, play-on kitchenware, play-on home ware, Al-Qur’an, stationery, calculator and so on, which she have to choose one of the items. Whichever she choose, it’s a symbol of what she will be when she growing up (my son choose a book, and believe or not, he loves book so much, at least for now).

Rama tried to guiding her sister, to choose National Geographic magazine –she been interested in National Geographic for the last 2 months, he though it will be good to sneak this magazine into the tray-. She only touched the magazine for a second and grabbed bracelet and necklace next to it. The crowd cheered, she put it down, sweeping around the tray, touched calculator, and back to necklace and bracelet. This time, she holds those things tight, and with right hand punching the air, she tried to say something. The bracelet and necklace been chosen.
What a g girl.

Some guest said she can become jeweler, business woman in jeweler-field-relating, and many other professions related to jeweler.

For us, we just happy the ceremony is over. And running well and smoothly. For Little Miss Jeweler’s future, let’s not talk about it now.

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